Full Moon in Scorpio: What It Means in Astrology and What You Can Expect

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You don't have to be an astrology buff to know full moons are practically synonymous with wonky emotions (and strangely vivid full moon dreams, at that). But there's perhaps no more emotional full moon than a full moon in Scorpio, the deeply intuitive water sign. This lunation shines a light on what's hidden beneath the surface and all things taboo, inviting you to explore the full spectrum of your feelings.

Paired with the sign's emotional water element, Scorpio's fixed modality (which marks the signs with the strongest convictions) makes it a resilient sign well-adapted to navigate the unknown. When you think of Scorpio, you can think of the water at the bottom of a well or the depths of the ocean—it’s still, dark, deep, and full of mystery. Scorpio keeps its cool and operates in this arena, learning to rely on instinct and self-trust, and that's precisely what we're all pushed to do under a full moon in Scorpio.

You might notice that a Scorpio full moon brings up themes of trust and intimacy and heightens your intuition.

You might notice that a Scorpio full moon brings up themes of trust and intimacy and heightens your intuition. With transformative Pluto as its modern-day planetary ruler and energetic Mars as its traditional ruler, Scorpio is a sign that relies on its emotions to take action. In turn, a Scorpio full moon is also a time to consider what you might do if you acted more with your heart than with your head.

Given that a Scorpio full moon occurs when the sun is in Scorpio's opposite sign of Taurus, a grounded Earth sign, this lunation also highlights the axis in astrology that has to do with life and death, as well as growth and decay. There may be parts of your life blossoming in the Taurus sector of your chart (aka, whichever of your astrological houses is connected to Taurus), while the Scorpio area of your chart reminds you that in order to make room for new blessings, you must first let go of the old rot, or that which you've outgrown.

When is the next full moon in Scorpio?

The next full moon in Scorpio is on April 23, 2024, and the following is on May 12, 2025. (A full moon in any given zodiac sign usually occurs once each calendar year, about six months after the new moon in that sign.)

What is a full moon, and what does it mean in astrology?

A full moon happens when the sun and the moon fall on opposite sides of the Earth. With this alignment, the moon appears at its brightest from our perspective, reflecting the light of the sun. It occurs once a month and marks the halfway point of the lunar cycle, which gives the full moon its symbolism in astrology as a turning point or a moment when you notice change related to intentions set under the last new moon.

Because a full moon is when the moon appears fully illuminated, it is also considered by astrologers to signify the part of the moon cycle when topics or pieces of information that were once obscured are brought to light. During a full moon, you could become aware of critical information that changes your perspective on or approach to a goal or even leads to the conclusion of something in your life.

Given that the sun and moon are also in opposite signs during a full moon, tension can arise between the opposing energies of the signs in play (for instance, the emotional and intuitive energy of Scorpio versus the grounded and pragmatic vibes of Taurus, during Scorpio full moon).

We're tasked with exploring a particular dichotomy and finding a middle ground, which can feel difficult and draining. To best handle that wonky full-moon energy, astrologers often recommend taking it easy and carving out time for reflection.

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