The Full-Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio Packs Life-Changing Energy for Every Sign

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On May 16 at 12:13 a.m., EDT, the second and final eclipse and of the current eclipse season takes the sky: a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Full moons signal points of culmination and release in our lives, and in adding Scorpio’s energy, our emotions may be even deeper and more complex with this particular transit. Scorpio full moons encourage us to release and also guide us toward memories that we’ve buried deeper in our psyche. As we remove hidden layers of ourselves and address skeletons in our closet, we create more room for a fresh start. Power struggles, control, manipulation, obsession are all a few themes this lunation may ask you to confront.

During the time of this particular eclipse, the astrological skies are busier than ever. Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion, and opportunity, recently entered impetuous Aries and Mercury stationed retrograde in Gemini. These two celestial events deliver dramatic, conflicting energetic shifts and intensify the eclipse’s overall impact, as we’ll need to adjust to a handful of fresh energies in the sky. Jupiter in Aries lends some optimism to charge full steam ahead, while Mercury retrograde reminds us that there are lessons to be learned when slowing down and taking the time to reconsider new perspectives and options.

The sun and the moon will both form tense squares with Saturn, the planet of karma, restriction, challenges, and responsibility. It may be time to make a difficult decision or perhaps a decision was made that saddles you with more responsibility and a sense of being burdened. Eclipses also speed up timelines and realign us with our destiny—we may be tasked with acting on something we’ve been avoiding.

While the tension in the sky is unavoidable, there is opportunity for healing during the full moon in Scorpio.

While the tension in the sky is unavoidable, there is opportunity for healing. The full moon in Scorpio will be having a gentle conversation with Neptune, the planet of compassion and spirituality. Mars, the ruler of this eclipse, will be in Pisces and nestled up next to Neptune in the sky. This energy lends itself well to channeling our energy to work toward our dreams and goals.

There is also a romantic haze in the air, which can lead to idealization and lower energy. So, carve out plenty of time for rest. Venus, the planet of love, meets with Chiron, the wounded healer, in the sky, offering the opportunity to heal existing wounds within our relationships and mend a little piece of our hearts.

Read on for your rising, sun and moon signs for a more comprehensive look at how the energy of this full moon will activate your birth chart. And then get a bespoke self-care practice for your sign to help you make the most of the energy.


Activating your mysterious eighth house of shared resources, fears, and your psyche, this lunar eclipse will bring out big emotions. This could signal a shift in your monetary resources, or perhaps it’s time to leave a toxic work environment, or you’re ready to take on a new role at work. Emotionally speaking, you may be confronted with what you’ve buried under the rug. Which emotions have you been avoiding feeling? It’s time to feel so you can progress, integrate, and move forward.

Your full-moon lunar eclipse self-care practice: Learning to lean on others for support is key. If you work with a therapist, now is a wonderful time to process what’s coming up for you in a professional setting. If not, allow yourself to be vulnerable with someone from your trusted support system. You deserve to vent.


If you’re partnered, you may find yourself addressing issues within your relationship or readjusting the dynamics to find a more sustainable balance. This eclipse moves through your seventh house of partnership, and it could also signal the end of a chapter when it comes to your relationships. This could be business partnerships or a dramatic argument with a best friend. You may also find that tension is increasing between your career and finding time for your loved ones—you'll need to adjust at least one area of your life.

Your full-moon lunar eclipse self-care practice: A simple pro-and-con list can go a long way: If you’re uncertain with how to move forward with a difficult relationship dynamic, weigh out your options. This will help you sort through your next steps and how you may want to approach the situation.


This eclipse—moving through your sixth house of daily routines, work, and health—may remind you of your mortality and help you realize that you’ve been running on fumes. Have you been taking care of your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being? Or, have you been focusing on finishing up your to-do list at all costs? This is a powerfully karmic time to kick habits vices and habits that don't serve you. It will require a committed mindset, but the stars are aligning to encourage a healthier lifestyle for you.

Your full-moon lunar eclipse self-care practice: Your physical being needs tending to. Book a massage for an energetic reset to help you sync deeper into a cycle of honoring your rest.


You might find yourself reflecting more on children or your own inner child. The lunar eclipse activates your fifth house of children, pleasure, romance, and creativity. If you’re interested in having children, you may have a more serious conversation with someone if your life about it, or perhaps a new member of the family is en route. This is also a powerful time to reflect on your childhood experience and spend time with your inner child. Cultivating more joy, pleasure and play is a healthy expression for any intense emotions that bubble up with this energy.

Your full-moon lunar eclipse self-care practice: Grab a childhood picture of yourself and journal about your inner child. What were their concerns? How did they feel on a daily basis? What did they go through? How did they seek joy? This may allow for deeper reflections and ah-hah moments to arise around your relationship with joy today.


Karmic shifts are taking place in your personal life. Your fourth house of home, family, and psychological foundation is activated under this eclipse, inspiring you to have a deeper understanding of family dynamics—current and generational. If you’ve felt like you’re carrying a generational burden, you may finally feel ready to break a pattern. This is emotionally murky energy that will leave you exhausted. So, prioritize your rest and solitude. Your life may seem like it’s taking off in your public world, but you have some processing and integration to do in your private life so that you can move forward.

Your full-moon lunar eclipse self-care practice: This is a powerful time to reflect on where you came from. If you can think of a relative or person who was influential in your upbringing and success, reach out to them, or journal about them, if they are deceased. Ask them for guidance. Leaning on family members who foster a deeper sense of security in your life is key right now.


Matters with extended family, siblings, and neighbors are under the spotlight during the eclipse, with your third house of communication and extended family receiving attention from this lunation. Intense and life-changing conversations with family members can take place, revealing heavy, but necessary, information. This energy can also manifest as a push and pull between spending time pursuing interests that light up your inner world versus being stuck at what can feel like a dead-end job. This eclipse could be the karmic nudge you need to make a life-changing decision when it comes to changing your daily life.

Your full-moon lunar eclipse self-care practice: Give automatic writing a try to process whatever is triggering you at this time. You never know what will come up when you let your stream of consciousness lead the way. You may be surprised at where your pen leads you.


Financial matters are reaching a turning point for you during his eclipse, which activates your second house of resources, income, and self-worth. You may be engaging in a spring cleaning or purging that’s a little more emotionally charged. Perhaps you’re releasing some family heirlooms or giving away some of your precious material possessions. This can also signal a shift in your finances—leaving a job, accepting a new position or being confronted with a bill you may have forgotten about. Keep a close eye on your finances, and be mindful of your budget.

Your full-moon lunar eclipse self-care practice: It’s time to confront any signs of a scarcity mindset and redefine your relationship with money. Practice speaking out your gratitude when you pay a bill or use your credit card. Money is energy, and you can shift the way you interact with it by inviting in more gratitude and a willingness to realize it once you learn to trust it will come back.


It’s time to kiss an old version of yourself goodbye. The eclipse moves through your first house of identity and sense of self, signaling a cosmic rebirth. This also lights up your relationship axis, so you may feel called to address any unhealthy dynamics. It’s time to ensure your needs are being met. Tensions in your private life may bring the desire to change to a boiling point. You get to decide who you want to be. Call that in, and remove any layers of yourself that don’t feel aligned any longer. You’re ready for a fresh start.

Your full-moon lunar eclipse self-care practice: Mirror work is more magical than ever under this eclipse. Speak to yourself in the mirror in present tense, and remind yourself of your power. Speak your dreams into existence and remind yourself that you’re worthy of living a life of your dreams—no matter what that looks like.


The healing process can feel grueling. As the moon moves through your 12th house of closure, endings, and spirituality, you’re being called to prioritize more rest. Seeking out spiritual tools or exercises like meditation or breathwork that can support your mental health is incredibly beneficial. It’s likely you’ve gone through some rough waters, and now you’re called to process the aftermath of it all. Closure isn’t for the faint of heart, so allow yourself enough solitude as you need to recharge. With one ending, a fresh start is always just around the corner.

Your full-moon lunar eclipse self-care practice: Making time for an evening spiritual practice is critical, and consistency is key. Whether meditation, breathwork, journaling, or EFT tapping feels most aligned, go for it and keep it up.


Shifts within your networks, community, and friendships are taking place. This eclipse activates your 11th house of groups and networking, as well as your hopes and dreams. You may reach a turning point when it comes to pursuing your dreams, or perhaps a cosmic speed bump. Is it financially responsible to follow this path? Consider this a reminder that you may need to work on a more detailed plan. Matters within communities you’re a part of, or within your friendships could also reach a dramatic climax. Issues that have been avoided will come up, and it may be time to address any misaligned values or expectations within friendships.

Your full-moon lunar eclipse self-care practice: If you’re dealing with some heavier energies, it could be a powerful time to seek out a support group. If you’re unsure how your friends and current community would react to what’s coming up, investing your time in other supportive communities could lead to positive breakthroughs at this time.


It may feel like every area of your life is activated right now. The eclipse moves through your 10th house of career, reputation, and higher calling, lighting up the axis that rules your public and private lives. Tension between your sense of security and your career may reach a turning point. This all weighs heavy on the person you want to be and how you want to show up in the world. A turning point is around the corner. It may be time to release attachment to a job and consider a new career path. Working on releasing the need for others’ approval is necessary; it’s time to follow your authentic desires regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Your full-moon lunar eclipse self-care practice: If you’re struggling with the need to please others and maintain a certain level of reputation at the cost of inner fulfillment, try EFT tapping. Search for an EFT tapping on “releasing the need for approval,” and allow yourself and these outdated belief patterns to melt away as you address this issue.


You’re looking at the big picture. With the eclipse lighting up your ninth house of spirituality, travel and higher education, your eyes are set on the horizon. This eclipse could align with an international trip or finishing up a program or course you’ve been taking. It’s also a reminder to tend to your intellectual world. What are your beliefs? How does your perspective inform the way you move through the world? This is also a powerful time to address any self-defeating patterns and the way you speak to yourself. You deserve the kindness you dole out.

Your full-moon lunar eclipse self-care practice: Pick up a book that is unrelated to your current work. Allow yourself to spend time learning something that interests you. It doesn’t need to make practical sense; just follow your whims.

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