Full Moon in Virgo: What It Means in Astrology and What You Can Expect

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Astrologically speaking, full moons illuminate hidden matters in our lives. They're thought to bring new information to light in a way that triggers an ending—especially of anything you set in motion around the last new moon in the same zodiac sign (six months prior). A full moon in Virgo, in particular, carries the grounded energy of the practical Earth sign, pushing us to gather the facts around a murky issue, sharpen our perspective, and develop a practical plan moving forward.

Virgo is nothing if not the sign of pragmatism and methodology, both of which will be key themes under a full moon in the sign: You could find yourself encouraged to make efficient upgrades to your daily routine under these moonbeams, especially as it relates to information, media, and technology—all of which fall in the realm of Virgo's planetary ruler Mercury.

You could find yourself encouraged to make efficient upgrades to your daily routine under these moonbeams.

Embracing your inner Virgo and staying on top of your daily schedule around full moons in the sign can also help you weather the inherent tension of this moon phase: While the moon is full in Virgo, the sun will be moving through its opposite zodiac sign of dreamy Pisces, ruled by illusive Neptune. Where Pisces can see the bird's eye view of any situation (sometimes getting its head stuck in the clouds), Virgo tends to get down into the nitty-gritty details—and during a full moon in Virgo, you'll have to strike a balance between these two tendencies as you uncover new information.

When is the next full moon in Virgo?

The next full moon in Virgo is on February 24, 2024, and the following is on March 14, 2025. (A new moon in any particular zodiac sign usually occurs once each calendar year, with the full moon in that sign happening six months later.)

What is a full moon, and what does it mean in astrology?

A full moon happens when the sun and moon fall on opposite sides of the Earth, forming a straight line with the Earth in the middle. With this alignment, the moon appears fully illuminated from our perspective, reflecting the light of the sun. It occurs once a month and marks the halfway point of the lunar cycle, which gives the full moon its astrological symbolism as a turning point or a moment when you notice progress on (or change related to) intentions set under the last new moon.

Because a full moon is when the moon appears brightest in the sky, it is also thought to coincide, in astrology, with secrets or previously hidden truths coming to light. You could become aware of critical information under a full moon that brings something in your life to its end or changes your perspective on or approach to a goal.

Given that a full moon occurs when the moon and the sun are on opposite sides of the Earth, these two celestial bodies are also in opposite zodiac signs. Astrologically, this can create some tension between the opposing energies of the signs in play (for example, Virgo's orderly, down-to-Earth vibe versus Pisces's dreamy, big-picture energy). We're tasked with exploring a particular dichotomy and finding a middle ground, which can feel difficult and draining. To best handle that wonky full-moon energy, astrologers often recommend taking it easy and carving out time for reflection.

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