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This Month’s Full Pink Moon Is Also a Powerful Supermoon—Here’s What It Means for Your Sign

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First things first: April's gentle-sounding full pink moon isn't actually pink. It gets its nickname because it occurs around the time the wildflower moss phlox blooms, and moss phlox is, as you can probably guess, pink. That said, this specific full pink moon brings loads of powerful energy: It reaches its peak tonight, at 7:34 p.m., PDT, and it's the first full moon of spring. It's also a supermoon, which means its energy is amplified, and that it appears especially big and bright in the night sky.

"This is arguably one of the most powerful full moons of the year because it coincides with several other astrological transits and takes place in a cardinal sign," says Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer and healer of this full moon in Libra. "When we have a lot of cardinal-sign energy, we tend to express the planetary transits outward by taking steps forward or creating change in our lives.

One specific area of life this Libra full pink moon spotlights for potential change is our relationships. "This full moon can bring up to the surface anything we need to see about ourselves, others, and the world. You could become painfully aware of what’s not working in your relationship, and feel a strong urge to take action to fix it," Lang says. "There’s a restlessness in the air, but there’s also an opportunity to find peaceful solutions to ongoing challenges. Ask yourself, 'How am I compromising myself to be in relationships with others?' Ending those patterns will help you create more balance in your life."

"This full moon can bring up to the surface anything we need to see about ourselves, others, and the world." —Rachel Lang, astrologer

You may also find yourself feeling unsettled, thanks to the Mars-Saturn square happening simultaneously—so, find ways to ground yourself and trust in yourself. "Deepen your awareness of your intuition, and be your own guru right now, accessing your wisdom," Lang says. "This is a time to assert yourself, have courage, and take steps to achieve your dreams." Below, get insight for how, exactly, this full pink moon may shake out for you.

Here’s what April's pink full moon means for your sign


The Libra full moon shines in your opposite sign, making this a time when relationships are in the spotlight for you. Have you been holding back from speaking your mind to your partner about a difficult matter in your relationship? If so, voice your concerns now to prevent a future issue.

The same goes for any other relationship in your life: You may feel more easily triggered with a buildup of energy from Mars and Saturn, so let off steam in whatever ways you can.


Enjoy this time of social distancing to focus on your creative projects by trying a new hobby or learning a new skill. Whatever you do, bring your attention inward to explore deep and undiscovered aspects of yourself. This is also an excellent time to prioritize your immune system by not letting stress or worry compromise your health.


This is a full moon for self-expression. If you’ve had a burning desire to say something to someone, you could have a chance to do so now. Try not to hold anything back, but do be careful with how you express yourself. We’re all easily triggered, and you want to communicate with empathy. This is a highly creative full moon for you, and if you’ve wanted to write, build a website, or up your social media game, now is the time. You may feel more talkative and social right now, so connect with others in whatever ways you can.


The quarantine has put a big spotlight on your home, and you may be more aware of what changes you need to make for it to become more of a sanctuary. This full pink moon gives you the extra energy to declutter, work on overdue projects, and bond with your family. You could feel an internal pressure to achieve right now, but with the world in flux, give yourself a bit of a break.


The Libra full moon focuses on your need to connect with others, even if you’re a dedicated introvert. Now is the time to branch out and connect with people in your community, online and in virtual spaces. If you feel down or have fear about these times, maintain a spiritual practice to center yourself and access your intuition. You’re on the precipice of change, but you can’t see what it looks like yet. Allow the future to unfold. This is a great time to write, teach, learn, read, or otherwise express your ideas. You’ve got wisdom to share.


Financial matters could be on your mind during this full moon. Your practical side is prominent, giving you the inspiration to discover new ways of earning income or investment possibilities. If you’ve had recent setbacks because of COVID-19, have faith. A glimmer of light shines through as you realize your potential and trust yourself to achieve beyond your dreams.


This is your full moon, and it will shine like a spotlight over you. That said, the sun is in your opposite sign, and with that influence, you could feel as if you don’t have as much energy or confidence as usual. Realize those concerns are merely perceptions. Find self-care practices that help you prioritize yourself if you’ve noticed you’re putting yourself on the back burner. Allow your voice to be heard in whatever ways you can—this is not a time to be shy.


If you’ve been stressed and feeling extra pressure in light of the quarantine, this full moon could be a turning point for you. Have faith in your ability to power through, and make the most of this time by turning inward, reflecting, and engaging in self-care rituals. If you’re a parent, engage your children in those practices, too, and use activities like yoga, dance, and art projects as points of connection.


Despite social distancing guidelines, you’ve managed to still be a social butterfly (maybe you're the one hosting that Zoom party or other virtual gathering). This is the time to envision a new future for yourself. You could even have an idea for an invention or a new business. Brainstorm and collaborate with others. Your ideas are golden, and you will find the right partners to help you bring them to fruition. If you feel restless, step outside—make being in nature your spiritual practice.


Push yourself to overcome challenges. If things get too intense, remember: This too shall pass. With all the external pressures you're feeling, make sure you take time to nurture yourself. There’s no need to be self-critical or to hold yourself to impossible standards. It’s a weird time, and we’re all feeling it. On a positive note, you could receive recognition for a job well done or a pat on the back from others for how you’ve managed to move through this time.


This full moon activates your inner guru. If you have been trying to maintain your balance during these unprecedented times, you might be seeking spiritual guidance from online sources, mentors, or friends. Compile all the information you’ve gathered, and form your own ideas and beliefs. On a different level, your mind is actively engaged. Use this influence to teach, learn, read, or study. If you are engaged in a research project, you could have a breakthrough. Use your mind and imagination to overcome any sense of limitation in your life.


This full moon invites you to look in the mirror and see your goodness. You’re so good at seeing it in others, but now it’s time to see it in yourself. Turn off the voice of your inner critic and allow self-love to be your prominent theme this whole week. Mercury is still in your sign, giving you creative impulses and helping you use your words. Don’t rush your process; give it time, and allow it to unfold.

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