The Full Snow Moon Is in Leo—and It’s Gifting Each Sign a Wintertime Jolt of Energy

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During last month's full moon in Cancer, we collectively felt all the feels. But the full moon this month—the second of the decade—is in Leo, so things will carry on a bit differently. Nicknamed the snow moon, it takes place on Sunday, February 9 at 2:34 a.m., EST (so, overnight on Saturday). "Leo is the sign associated with playfulness, passion, and creative expression. Leo rules the heart, and this full moon invites us to have the confidence we need to follow our hearts in all ways," says Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer and healer.

This is a particularly powerful time if you've ever felt a fear of judgment that has held you back (so, in all likelihood, most of us.) "This full moon allows you to temporarily let that go, take a step in courage, and follow your heart. The sun in Aquarius, the sign of the rebel, helps inspire courage where you may have had fear or doubt," Lang says. "Aquarius rules the circulatory system, and the sign of Aquarius is associated with community and social groups. Drawing on this metaphor, you can use this influence to find out how to better express your unique gifts to make a difference in the world. You really can make a contribution at this time."

Also, as tempting as it may be to have a cozy, winter night in, the full snow moon pushes you to flex your social muscles. Lang says you may find that you have a little extra energy to get together with friends or even…throw an impromptu party.

"This is not a time to be lazy or indulgent." —Rachel Lang, astrologer

"The moon and Mars will be trine this day, and that can add a touch of passion to anything you do—be careful to use your energy wisely," Lang says. "Think of this combo like a spark of fire—passion is contagious. If you’re sparking arguments or fights, things could get out of hand. However, if you’re focusing your energy for a specific project or purpose, you will feel motivated to succeed." And lastly, make the most of this dynamic energy. "This is not a time to be lazy or indulgent," Lang says.

Keep reading to see what the full snow moon could mean for your sign.


This is a great full moon for you, and you’ll need to harness your energy, so you don’t feel scattered. It’s one of those times during which you’ll feel as if you can do anything, but you risk taking on too much at one time. Be careful not to overcommit; moderation and focus are key for you.

That said, now is a great time for you to socialize. You could meet new friends, and the moon-Mars connection may even spell romance for you. Since the only surefire way you won’t meet anyone is if you stay at home and isolate, get out and play.


This full moon shines a spotlight on your home, and you could decide to spend a little extra attention or money on fixing things up. Attend to anything broken or in need of repair, and consider it to be a preventative measure before Mercury stations retrograde.

You might feel spread thin for the few days before and after the full snow moon, and you could perceive that others are making extra demands on your time. Prioritize your unstructured time by investing in self care.


While there are times when you opt to stay home or cancel plans, now is not a good window for withdrawing from your social scene. This full snow moon offers you surprise encounters, and you could even meet someone intriguing who challenges you in all the right ways. If you have professional aspirations, this lunar influence helps you say just the right words to market yourself.


Watch your spending habits during the Leo full snow moon, Cancer. You might have unexpected expenses arise during these few days, and you want to be mindful of how you’re using your resources.

This is a time to invest in yourself. Anything you can do to improve your confidence will be energy well-spent. You could feel more emotional during this full moon, and some of your bigger fears could surface—like fears of rejection, failure, or not living up to your potential.


This is your full moon, Leo, and it is a highly creative time for you. You’ll likely have extra confidence for a couple of days before and after the full moon, so use it to your advantage. Have the courage to speak your mind or take action on behalf of something you’ve wanted to do.

This can be a highly romantic time, too. If you’re in a relationship, you could feel more connected to your partner and want to aim your focus on your relationship. While this can strengthen your relationship, there is a strong lunar influence for you individually, too—don't neglect that energy. If you’re single, accept invitations and see what happens.


This is a mystical, magical full snow moon for you. Expect the unexpected, as you could have synchronistic encounters with others—ones that feel fated or destined. You’ll want to focus on grounding practices, like yoga or meditation to help you feel centered in the midst of some dynamic change at this period of your life. Self care is so important, especially as it pertains to your health.


You’re naturally full of charm, but the full moon's influence heightens your appeal, like a giant spotlight shining down on you. For what would you like to be known? How can you share your creative ideas with and better express yourself to the world? These are questions you may reflect upon in the days leading up to the full snow moon.

It’s a highly social time, and you could meet someone special if you’re single. It’s also a time to connect with others and meet new friends. Expand your social network online and in real life.


This full moon could inspire reflection about your professional life, and, in particular, your work-life balance. If you feel tension between the needs of your loved ones and the demands of your job, take a moment to breathe. You can’t please everyone all the time. If you reach new levels of awareness about shame, guilt, or past issues surfacing, you might consider reaching out for help. The truth is, you can accomplish a lot at this time, and you have more reserves of energy available to you. You simply need to focus on those top priorities and to avoid distractions.


Life could feel like an adventure during the few days on either side of the full moon for you. With the moon in a fire sign and Mars in your sign, you could feel more restless and ready for action. This is a great influence for accessing the courage you need to do something you’ve been resistant to. You’ll be motivated and fired up to make some sort of change in your life, but just don't do it alone. Fire energy wants to inspire and be inspired. Travel would be another favorable way to maximize this energy.


You can start to see some of the manifestations of your New Year’s intentions in effect with this full moon. This influence offers a time to rethink decisions you’ve made at the beginning of the year. First though, turn down the voice of your inner critic so it doesn't overwhelm you. Be gentle with yourself and others.

This is a significant year for you—your emerald year—and this full moon invites you to move through it with a deepened sense of your worth and value. You make a difference to others and to the world. Believe it. Also, avoid spending frivolously, because now is a time to be saving.


The sun is shining in your sign, but the moon will be in your opposite one. This could feel like a giant spotlight on your partnerships, but try not to overanalyze challenges you’re facing with your partner. Realize this full moon could mean projections for both of you, and you likely won't see clearly until a few days later.

Keep in mind that any challenges that may arise bring information to help you build a stronger foundation for your relationship. So, accept your shortcomings and forgive past mistakes. Hold yourself accountable for shaping the future you desire. In other words, own your power.


Pay attention to your dreams during this full moon, because they could offer you guiding messages or premonitions. This is a time when you may be more sensitive to others, and your empathic abilities will be amplified. Honor your boundaries, and if you hesitate to be social, pay attention to that inner leaning. It’s okay to have a quiet night in. This full moon could be a spiritual time for you. Meditate or gather with like-minded friends for a ritual.

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