This Month’s Full Strawberry Moon Is Also an Eclipse—Here’s What That Means for Your Sign

The full strawberry moon happens on June 5 at 3:12 p.m., EST, and it's more powerful than your average full moon because it's happening in conjunction with the first of three successive eclipses. (The following two eclipses in the series will occur on June 20/21 and July 4/5, depending on your time zone.)

"This full moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign of adventure, philosophy, travel, beliefs, and higher education," says Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer and healer. "This influence invites us to question what we believe, especially those hardwired beliefs from childhood." This is also a curious full moon, so look for ways to broaden your perspective by seeking out "creative projects, brainstorming ideas, or coming up with solutions to challenges in your life," she adds.

"This full moon is in the sign of Sagittarius and invites us to question what we believe, especially those hardwired beliefs from childhood." —Rachel Lang, astrologer

The added effect of the lunar eclipse only strengthens the transformational energy of this full strawberry moon (which gets its nickname from happening during the time of year when, you guessed it, strawberries are ripe). "Eclipses shake things up in our lives. They wake us up to what’s not working and stir up our emotions, so we feel led to take action to make life changes," Lang says. "Sometimes, we discover truth that’s been hidden, or we have personal revelations that shift unhealthy relationship or work dynamics."

Also noteworthy about this full strawberry moon is that it's happening in Gemini season, and since Gemini is all about communication, it asks you to consider how your messages are coming across. "How can you more clearly express yourself with others?" asks Lang. "Speak from a heart-centered place, as Mercury in Cancer helps bridge the gap between the head and heart. Use your voice to make a change."

Curious about what, specifically, the full strawberry moon has in store for your sign? Keep reading to find out.


This full moon opens your mind to new ideas. It’s a good time to write, speak, mentor others, or teach. It’s not a time to play small or hold back. Express yourself.


The full moon highlights financial matters, making it a favorable time to think about your relationship with money. Is it healthy or unhealthy? Self-love and self-acceptance are key to making the changes you'd be wise to make.


The sun shines in your sign, and it’s close to Venus, making this full moon a time when you can own your magnetism and charisma. The Sagittarius moon highlights relationships, but you feel a need for freedom within relationships. Use this influence to express yourself and reach an audience. Step on stage, metaphorically or literally.


You are going through a healing process, and this full moon intensifies that. It’s a time to get your physical health in order. Full moons are good for detoxing, and this one is especially good for you. Changes in your job or daily routine leave you wanting more order in life, and adopting healthier habits now will help you feel freer in the long run.


This lunar eclipse inspires confidence in you. It’s time to express yourself in any way you can. Let your voice be heard—you have the courage to speak what’s on your mind, even if it felt difficult to so in the past. This full moon could also mean a breakthrough for your love life because internal shifts make you more willing to be seen and known by others.


Use this full moon to consider the developments that have taken place in your home this year and evaluate your progress. You have made your home more of a sanctuary, and now you can enjoy it. If you’ve had to blend work and home during this period of social distancing, you can have more of a sense of balance now.


Your mind craves new ideas and experiences, and you could feel restless and stuck in a routine during this full moon. Try to introduce a change of pace into your day. This is also a good time to express yourself through the written word or in conversation.


You’re learning new lessons in self-love and acceptance, and the full moon highlights those themes. Do you attach personal identity with your economic status? Accept where you are for optimal growth. If you have financial concerns, reframe your relationship with money. How can you feel more abundance in your life? You can develop creative solutions to overcome challenges.


With the full moon in your sign, you could feel unstoppable. The influence of the lunar eclipse could make you feel a restless need for freedom. Take time to yourself and be in nature to feel freer. If any relationships in your life feel controlling or restrictive, ask yourself what changes you can make in how you relate to the other. Assert your needs.


This full moon awakens your mystical side. You could receive guiding insights about challenging circumstances in your life. Pay attention to your dreams and the symbols in them. It’s important to pay attention to your health during this full moon as well. If you have any minor issues that raise concerns for you, have them checked out. It’s a great time for a detox to optimize your health.


This full moon shines a light on your friendships and social networks. How can you establish yourself as more of a leader? You have visionary insights right now and can see glimpses of the future you’re creating. Connect with others, brainstorm, and share your ideas.


This lunar eclipse leads you toward embodying a deeper sense of purpose. You could receive insights or guidance about how to have a greater sense of satisfaction in your professional life. This full moon could catalyze changes in your career, and while these could be exciting, you might feel uncertain about the future. Hold on for the ride and also work to find balance between your career and personal life.

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