This Month’s Full Worm Moon Is Also a Supermoon—Here’s What That Means for Your Sign

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This month's full moon (appetizingly nicknamed the full worm moon) is one of four supermoons taking the sky this year. It happens on Monday, March 9, which is also the day Mercury finally stations direct. Given all this powerful energy swirling in the cosmos on that day, we're all going to feel the effects of the moon at an amplified level.

Because it's in Virgo, this full moon is an especially great opportunity for clearing, decluttering, and detoxing, says Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer and healer. But because Pisces is also majorly involved, you can expect the fish's dreamy, impractical tendencies to show up. "The Virgo-Pisces axis line brings about the practical and earthly versus the world of dreams and the unseen realities of life. Virgo is meticulous, ordered, and discerning, while Pisces is open to impractical possibilities and is mystically minded," Lang says, adding that these are likely the themes you will see during this full worm moon. "Try to eliminate perfectionism, and become more at peace with the messiness of life," she says.

"This full moon is not a time to make definite decisions; rather, enter a discernment process." —astrologer Rachel Lang

Lang adds that the energy of the day will skew heavily spiritual, thanks to the the sun being in conjunct with Neptune. "You could glean insights from guiding messages in your environment or from others in your life," she says. And with Mercury coming out of its retrograde transit on this day, it's also a good time to begin taking action on some of the things you realized during the Mercury retrograde. "This is not a time to make definite decisions, though," she warns. "Rather, enter a discernment process."

Here's what the full worm moon in Virgo has in store for you, based on your sign.


This full moon shines a spotlight on your daily habits, routine, and health. Consider breaking up with habits that aren't serving you, and swapping in new routines that do. You can make considerable changes to your daily life right now. Avoid falling into the trap of perfectionism, or you could feel stuck, unable to make a decision or a move.


This is a time to find new ways to express your creativity. In social circles, you’ll experience some shifts: If social plans fall through, take the opportunity to be alone and focus on personal growth and self care. This is a time of change within your friendships, when you can see who offers you the support you need and the fun you desire. Do something to give back, because stepping outside yourself will help you gain perspective on your life and feel more gratitude for what you have and who you’ve become. If your friends disappoint you, try to tap into your compassion and see through their eyes.


Your family is pulling your attention right now, and you may feel inspired to change up your home, redecorate, or declutter. Capitalize on this energy by tackling a home-related project you’ve had on the back burner. No matter what you ultimately do, though, take your time and don’t be afraid to change your mind. This full worm moon isn't clearest time for you, and you may feel a little foggy, so take breaks and do something just for fun to free you from any frustration. As you work to strike some sort of work-life balance, remember that you can’t please everyone all the time. Do your best, but don’t expect perfection from yourself or anyone else.


The full worm moon invites you to study, learn, or teach something. It’s a creative moon, and you’ll want to find new ways to express your talents, even if you don’t have a specific outlet in mind. Your relationship could be a focus, and you could discover ways to more effectively communicate with your partner. This is part of expressing yourself. This full moon energizes your social connections, so spend time talking to distant friends or join a community group.


This full moon spotlights your finances, asking you to prioritize budgeting and preparing for the future. You may discover new sources of income or deal with some sort of financial shift.

The full moon could also bring out your romantic side, leading you to cultivate increased intimacy in your relationships and heal any barriers in your path to love. It’s also a more introspective time, and having a dedicated spiritual practice, like meditation, will help you access your intuition. And even though you're sensitive to others and empathic, try not to become too involved in the drama of others.


This full moon is in your sign, shining a big spotlight on you. It is an excellent time to detox negative, critical thoughts or judgments weighing you down. Clear your life of all forms of clutter—physical, mental, and spiritual. Your creative juices are flowing, so express them in whatever ways you can. You may not be entirely clear about your life or ready to make decisions about your future, but allow yourself to sit in the discomfort of the unknown to gain clarity. Relationships could reach a turning point, especially romantic ones, so discover who you want to be in your relationships, and make changes accordingly.


Take care of your health right now, because you could be more sensitive to toxins, allergies, or viruses. Boost your immunity by slowing down and listening to your inner voice. You'll be able to do this well, given that the full worm moon could mark a spiritual awakening for you; you could receive guiding messages in your dreams, from symbols in your environment, or from unlikely sources. Keep your eyes and ears open for those messages. You could realize something hidden, like an undiscovered talent or an important memory from your childhood. Honor the process and take time for self care.


This is a social full moon for you, and you could discover ways to become more involved in your community. Do something to give back, because stepping outside yourself will help you gain perspective on your life and feel more gratitude for what you have and who you’ve become. Lastly, take this full worm moon to express yourself.


You may feel tension between work and home during this time, so look for ways to find balance. Your professional goals could seem unclear, so work to ideate possibilities rather than note what you know for certain. If you feel confused, take a walk or spend time in nature to ground yourself, so you can hear your intuition guiding your next steps. Meditate for answers, keep your eye on your highest goals, and prioritize accordingly.


This full moon inspires your sense of adventure. It’s excellent for traveling or for exploring new places in your community, so take a risk and step outside your comfort zone. If you’ve felt doubtful or frustrated with life, you could find faith from unlikely circumstances. Keep an open mind, and remember that challenges will pass. It’s a favorable full moon for exploring new ideas, reading books, taking classes or workshops, or developing something to teach.


The full moon asks you to look at how much you value yourself and your resources. Do you find you’re giving away too much of your time and energy to help others? You could receive insights about how to have more balance. The full worm moon could also bring out your inner critic, but gentle with yourself and others. Designate now as a time for self-discovery, and work to heal any past emotional wounds.


This moon highlights your relationships, and you could feel inspired to make changes to how you communicate with others. Express yourself to your partner, and be willing to see aspects of yourself that may be in the shadows. You could have a tendency to project some of your shadow characteristics onto other people.

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