5 Super-Fun Outdoor Workouts to Try This Weekend

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By now, you're probably pretty far through your 99 Days of Summer bucket list. But in case that Labor Day deadline is starting to loom large, just know that there's plenty of time to pack in awesome experiences between now and then. For starters, try exercising al fresco.

As cool as an air-conditioned studio class might be (especially on those unbearably hot days), nothing says summer like an outdoor sweat sesh. Even if you're not one of those badass babes hitting the trails, it's still totally possible to go on a great adventure closer to home.

Keep reading for 5 awesome activities you can do outside that totally double as workouts.

Photo: Unsplash/Matthew Kane

1. Kayaking: Whether it's built for two—or just you—rowing down a lazy river in a kayak is a really easy way chill out and tone your arms at the same time.

2. Surfing: If you're lucky enough to live near an ocean, there's no better time to hop on that board (and get in a great workout). As fun as it is to catch some waves, the sport also requires major endurance and strength.

3. Stand-up paddleboarding: If you're looking for a way to have fun and fit in a hardcore ab exercise, channel your inner Jennifer Aniston and start paddling. This aquatic workout's become so popular, in fact, you can now find SUP outings everywhere from Detroit to Dallas.

4. Beach yoga: Put your hot yoga membership on freeze for the summer? Try taking your practice outside to combine your om-ing with a little earthing for the ultimate workout win-win.

5. Zip-lining: While this isn't your average cardio sesh, it'll definitely get your heart-rate up (a couple hundred feet at least). Chances are, if you live anywhere near a ski resort—be it in Vermont or Colorado—they're offering this high-flying activity as an off-season option.

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