9 Fun Sex Games To Play if You’re Stuck in an Unsexy Rut With Your Partner

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Everyone interprets sex differently, but when a roll in the sack feels like a choreographed routine to reach orgasm or a chore like doing the dishes or taking out the trash, it might be time to change things up. Like videos games, sex games don't have to be exclusively goal-oriented. A fun sex game is meant to help you diversify your pleasure (and maybe even make you laugh a little).

Now, I'm not talking about Truth or Dare, or Seven Minutes in Heaven, or what I imagine would be a very short round of Spin the Bottle. There are so many online resources, toys, and tools to gamify your sex life, making all parts of the sexual response cycle really count. Hell, there are even some fun options if you’re only doing single-player games right now. Below, seven ways to emphasize the "play" in sex play with fun games.

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9 fun sex games to play with your partner (or yourself)

Fun sex games for couples

1. CalExotics EmojiGasm Dice

If you and your partner don't know where to start, CalExotics Emojigasm Dice ($9) is a super non-intimidating (read: adorable) way to find out where the night should take you. With each die representing body part, action, and location you're bound to get lucky with these friends.

2. "Use Your Mouth" Sex and Relationship Conversation Starter Cards

Now that we don't love an old-fashioned game of strip poker, but these "Use Your Mouth" Cards ($25) curated by sexologist Shamyra Howard, LCSW are great if you want to explore desires with a new (or better yet, old!) partner. It features of deck of 50 open-ended questions about sex and relationships that are destined to bring you both closer. Like way closer.

3. A remote-controlled vibrator 

Break out your toys from your toy box! You can utilize another wearable vibrator of your choosing, but something that can be remote controlled is ideal."Wearing a toy like the We-Vibe Moxie ($129) or Ditto ($129) out for the day and connect to the We-Connect app," says sexologist Jess O'Reilly, PhD. "Make a contest to see who finds it more distracting, for example, can you sit through a meeting? Winner gets a special sexy surprise of your choosing."

4. Loopy Date Night Box 

For your next adults-only game night or date night in, break out this board game. It's designed to help couples strengthen their connection, in and out of the bedroom. There's all your normal board game components, including cards, a spinner, and your classic satin blindfold... *wink wink* 

Sex position games

5. Kinkly's Sex Position Generator

Sometimes the deeper into a relationship the more you get into a certified sex routine—a series almost choreographed moves that traditionally work, or eventually just sort of lose their luster. If you feel like the spark is gone, Kinkly has a sex position generator that you can filter according to position type, erogenous zone stimulation, mobility and accessories. Plug in your pleasure and see what comes up!

6. A Year of Sex! Sexual Position Cards 

Challenge yourself to a year of sex and 50 new positions with these Kama Sutra-inspired deck of cards. They're an easy way to keep things spicy in the bedroom, guaranteeing you a different adventure night after night.

Free sex games

7. Wheel of Foreplay

Wheel of Foreplay is a veritable circus of creative sex ideas, using a virtual wheel and different game packs to deliver little challenges. Depending the nature of your sexual dynamic (long distance, solo sex, whatever) you'll get different prompts. I just picked out a card from the Some Like It Hot pack. "Put on a streaming service and play the last show you watched," it reads. "Your partner has to perform oral sex through the opening sequence of the show."

Seems like a dodgy way to repurpose the Sailor Moon theme song, but I love the bravery.

8. Netflix and Strip

As far as resources go, you just need Netflix or some other streaming platform for this. Easy, right? This game is pretty straightforward. You each select a different word that should occur with some frequency during the show.

"For example, if your selected word is 'yes,' you remove one piece of your partner’s clothing each time you hear it," says Dr. O'Reilly. "If they select 'no' as their magic word, they strip you of one article each time they hear it. You can share your words or keep them a secret and let your partner guess. If you do not reveal your word to your lover, it also makes it easier to cheat—and a little cheating is okay in this case as long as it is playful and consensual."

9. Eforia

Eforia is a sexual wellness app with different functions meant to get you in the mood, but one is particularly good if you're looking to turn yourself on during solo sex. The "play" feature is basically a dirty choose-you-own adventure roleplay where you receive texts from an imaginary someone, based around a certain erotic narrative. I just tested it out (for journalism) and things got so intense I literally flipped my phone over when my roommate walked into the kitchen. Let's...move on, shall we?

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