Day-to-Night Studio Living: How To Transform Your Space From Productive Office to Sexy Haven

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I have had sex in many different places, but one of the hottest was in an office (a touch cliché, but whatever). So while I can personally attest that there are many fun things you can do with a desk and office chairs, I can also imagine that the novelty of the setup wears off when your office is also your studio apartment in which you've had to quarantine in for the past few months. That's why having a functional studio apartment that separates workday productivity from a mood-setting ambiance is more important now than ever.

That said, creating a vibe that allows for this daily transition in your setting is no small task. It is possible, though, to transform your functional studio apartment from an office into an after-hours sexy haven, with the help of some expert tips. Below, a sexologist and interior designer share their best intel.

5 tips to transform your functional studio apartment for day-to-night living.

1. Make the most of your floor plan

First, take a look around your apartment and see how you can make your current arrangement more mobile by creating "zones that can easily be flipped," says interior designer Lisa Gilmore. For instance, she says a bistro table can double as both a work space and a dining area—as long as you swap your work gear for place settings after the work day ends.

"Find a location that can have a bench for seating on one side, underneath you can do open storage with bins and boxes to house your work supplies and files—even a printer can be nicely tucked away in a little cubby underneath a bench," she says. When the day is done, banish everything under the desk to keep work out of mind and sight. With the help of functional furniture that includes storage solutions, you can shift the appearance of your setup and simultaneously shift your mind-set from day to night.

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2. Create easy mood lighting

Install Bluetooth light bulbs that allow you to easily change the lighting, says Shan Boodram, certified sexologist and intimacy educator for K-Y. This switch allows you to change the atmosphere "from concentration to red light district instantly, using apps that allow you to program your lighting at will."

Gilmore agrees that lighting is an easy way to change the vibe of your studio. "Floor lamps, table lamps, and now there are so many versatile options for plug-in sconces to really have fun with adding layers of light to your space," she says. She likes Philips Hue Smart Bulbs ($180). You can adjust them from your phone, and even set them on a timer—particularly great for people who have trouble transitioning from work mode to play mode. Brilli also makes dimmable Wind Down Light Bulbs ($60), which aim to give your room soft, relaxing light that won't disrupt your sleep.

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3. Get creative with dividers

If you can't permanently separate your bed from your workspace because your studio doesn't all for it, you can still use divider screens to break up the space, Gilbert says. "There are so many cool antique options out there if you are the type of person that likes to hunt for a pretty piece," she says. "Use the divider screen to your advantage and pull in more of your personal style—it's a great way to jazz up a small space." While great options exist to help you approximate the feel of separate rooms within your studio, you obviously don't need to limit your sexy times to just your faux bedroom.

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4. Invest in a projector

"It’s great for watching TV or for making a sensual environment by projecting art, porn, or even home movies, porn, or even home movies," Boodram says. For art, she recommends Electric Sheep on YouTube. "They have tons of fun kaleidoscopes that are at least an hour long," she says. As for porn, these sites are sexologist-approved.

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5. Curate a sex drawer

"You have a stationery drawer in your desk, but do you have a sex drawer...?" Boodram asks. "You can get a secret drawer installed—a drawer under a drawer—if you share the workspace by day." Also, there's just something sexy about a secret drawer, and having it stowed away can help you separate day from night.

That said, if you don't share your workspace or otherwise feel no need to keep your sex drawer a secret from anyone, including yourself, you can certainly just use a regular drawer. Secret or not, stock it with toys—cock rings! anal beads! suction vibrators!—plus undergarments that make you feel sexy, scented candles, massage oils, and lube. This way, you'll have everything you need on hand, in one easy-to-find place when mood does strike.

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