10 Wellness Horror Stories, Straight From Well+Good Readers (Two Words: Yoga Queef)

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Halloween is upon us, which means you've probably been getting your healthy candy stash ready for Trick-or-Treaters (or, you know, just for yourself!) and preparing your list of scary flicks for a movie marathon. But while the holiday is certainly spooky (oooOOOOooo), not all horror stories make you jump. In fact, when it comes to wellness gone wrong, some are more likely to make you LOL.

After polling Well+Good readers on Instagram about their wellness-related scary stories—if you're not already following us, you're missing out!—plenty of awful-slash-hilarious situations came piling in. And, TBH, most of them are things you'll totally relate to, which is a beautiful reminder that we're all in this crazy world together—and you're hardly the first to suffer from a bout of flatulence in yoga class or a face mask that doubles as a pumpkin costume.

These 10 reader-submitted wellness gaffes will make you shriek...with laughter.

Yogi dominos
"After attempting to do a headstand after a few month hiatus to yoga in a packed room, I gracefully toppling over, dominoing my entire row. I literally knocked over 7 people..."

Going green
"I've always dyed my own hair, except one time it turned out green—it was supposed to be blonde."

Treadmill topple
"I fell off a treadmill in a fully-crowded gym. And no one helped me!"

Oompa loompa
"I turned my face orange with a DIY turmeric face mask."

Namaste here until the shame passes
"I queefed...in yoga class."

S**ts and giggles
"During my first colonic, I couldn't hold it in...and 'released' all over the table."

Say hello to my (new) little friend...
Years ago, I got a facial from a very well-known Hollywood esthetician. She tried to do an extraction on a mole on my face, apparently thinking it was a clogged pore—to this day, I still have a scar.

Pass the Benadryl
"My roommate found out her skin is allergic to tea tree oil...the hard way. Minor burning ensued."

Pimple probs
"I popped a pimple with a safety pin. Let's just say I've never popped another pimple again."

Hair scare
"I was in so much pain during my first Brazilian, I had to walk out halfway through."

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