5 Podiatrist-Approved Fur-Lined Slip-On Shoes To Get Out of the House in Speed and Style

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Coffee in one hand, keys in the other, door flung open—the out-the-door rush can leave you feeling frazzled. Reasonably so, running late to work or being in a hurry to pick up your kids from school can leave you fumbling through the door with your shoes half on—which may have you reconsidering your day-to-day footwear choice, especially on errand days. Choosing a shoe can be especially tricky during the colder months, where open-toe shoes won't cut it, and closed-toe options like boots and sneakers may be too much of a hassle to lace up. Which is where fur-lined slip-on shoes come in to save the day.

"Fur-lined footwear has more benefits than just keeping your feet warm by regulating the temperature around your feet," says Janine Ferrigno-Taddeo, DPM, a New Jersey-based podiatrist and expert consultant for Aetrex. Not only does it shelter feet from the cold and is unbelievably soft (it's like walking on clouds), "it provides the best fit, where the fur can mold to your unique foot shape, making it snug and comfortable when wearing," she says.

Before your quest to buy slip-on footwear commences, Dr. Ferrigno-Taddeo recommends buying slip-ons with arch-supportive soles. Having arch support can "properly align and support your body from the ground up," she adds. Also helpful? Shoes with traction to prevent slips or falls during the icy and colder months.

Not all fur-lined slip ons are made with podiatrist-approved specs, though. To ensure you're getting the best deal (by that, we mean the green light from certified podiatrists), scroll down to check out these best fur-lined options that'll help you skedaddle out of your home in a speedy fashion.

photo of shearling-lined birkenstock
Birkenstock, Arizona Big Buckle — $180.00

Sizes available: 4-11.5, in half sizes

Birkenstocks are beloved by shoppers for being comfortable and easy to wear, and these teddy-lined birks are no different. Boasting a cork and latex footbed and a lightweight sole, this pair takes a fun spin on the brand’s Arizona while offering a supportive and comfortable wear with each step. The teddy-like fur is another notable addition, which feels like you’re stepping on marshmallows. Even more, “it’s got two adjustable buckles for a custom fit, while still looking cute,” says Dr. Ferrigno-Taddeo. Slip these on for a guaranteed pep in your step.

Colors: 3

photo of ugg tasman mule
Ugg, Tasman Slipper — $110.00

Sizes available: 5-12

By now, the Tasman Slippers—which claim the closets of fashionable celebs like Gigi Hadid and Elsa Hosk—have probably made a sweep across your TikTok’s For You page and Insta feed. In addition to being an iconic shoe this past fall, the Tasman received the seal of approval from Dr. Ferrigno-Taddeo. “This classic slipper goes with any outfit and features Ugg’s classic outsole with its high-quality sheepskin lining,” she says. Pair it with a chunky knit and denim to complete the fit. Don’t sleep on it though, styles sell out quickly!

Colors: 3

croc classic lined clog
Crocs, Classic Lined Clog — $49.00

Originally $60, now $49

These fur-lined crocs are beloved by nearly 77,000 Amazon customers with cold feet. Lined with fur-like fibers, these slip-ons provide ultimate coziness, warmth, and comfort so you can jet set to your next destination. Plus, “they provide a snug fit with a traditional heel strap that allows for more security at the back of the foot,” says Dr. Ferrigno-Taddeo. Best part? They come in a whopping 34 colors, so you can pick your fun.

Sizes available: 4-17

Colors: 34

oofos oocoozie mule
Oofos, Oocoozie Mule — $115.00

Sizes available: 5-12

Stability meets comfort with Oofos’ Oocoozie Mule—which boasts the brand’s proprietary foam sole. These no-frill slip-ons absorb impact with each step, are designed for on-the-go, and keep your toes toasty, making this pair ideal for days when you’re a busy bee. It’s no surprise they’re vetted by Dr. Ferrigno-Taddeo, who says they’re cushioned and are designed to fit comfortably. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about odors, thanks to the shoe’s washable and closed-foam design, which shields out funky smells.

Colors: 6

photo of aetrex chrissy fur slip-on
Aetrex, Chrissy Arch Support Waterproof Slip-On — $105.00

Originally $150, now $105

Aetrex’s Chrissy Arch Support Slip-On is high on Dr. Ferrigno-Taddeo’s list, and for good reason: the insole has arch support to align your feet and stabilize the back. “This low-ankle bootie will keep you warm and comfortable, lined with faux fur and constructed on a slip-resistant outside” that’s ideal for slippery days, explains Dr. Ferrigno-Taddeo. The elasticated straps make this shoe easy to slip on, tighten, and loosen with a click of the adjustable toggle. Prepare for all around comfort.

Sizes available: 5-11, in half sizes

Colors: 4

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