This Coveted Nugget Ice Maker Is $160 Off for Prime Day—Swipe It if You Didn’t the First Time Around

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It's back. The GE Opal Nugget Ice Maker is back on super sale for Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale (aka Prime Day 2.0, aka Early Black Friday), and if you didn't get it the first time around, now is your chance. On sale for $419 (originally $579), the price is still steep for an ice maker. But listen: It makes the most professional-grade, satisfying nugget ice you can use for your morning cold brew or evening mocktail, and that's kind of priceless.

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Here are the details

The Opal Nugget Maker has nearly 15,000 5-star ratings for a good reason. First off, it's a workhorse. It cranks out 24 pounds of ice per day. You will literally never run out of nugget ice, even if you're hosting a nugget ice party. The machine itself holds three pounds of ice at any given moment—and it makes it fast (one pound of ice an hour). Using a batch method, the design creates fresh ice by re-using melted ice in the barrel, and will auto-refill when it's about to run out. Need more ice? Not a problem. The Opal has a side tank that can create more.

Plus, it's portable, and you don't even need a water hookup. All you need to do is plug this into a standard outlet, and bam. You're in business. So no more running to the gas station for a sack of ice—bring the Opal to the next party you go to, and you'll be everyone's best friend.

However! It's not a refrigerated unit, and it won't keep the ice frozen on its own. What will happen, is that the ice will eventually melt if you don't use it—and the cycle will start all over again, and it'll keep creating more and more ice. (You're not wasting ice cubes per se.) Other "cons" include the fact that it's a little noisy, but it's an ice machine, so there's not much to be done about that. You also have to descale it periodically and thoroughly clean it out so mold doesn't grow.

What other shoppers say

Like we said, this thing is a big hit on Amazon. It's reached legend status, which thousands of shoppers giving the machine rave reviews.

"I have wanted this baby for years!! I am one of those crazy people that asks for “extra ice” and knows the difference between Sonic ice and McDonalds ice. If you are my people… this is for you. It’s been running perfectly for well over a month now. My family is happy. I’m happy. My theater room is complete." - Amy

"I cannot tell you how much I love my ice maker....perfect ice whenever I want it. Having this at home has completely replaced using my ice machine in the refrigerator! My family loves how convenient it is to fill water bottles and cups! I have shared this amazing product with my friends and family...if you have been looking at this and not sure....don't wait another day! Jump at the chance to have the perfect ice at your fingertips...just refill the water container and let it fill up!" - Kelly

"We have 3 refrigerators. Only the KitchenAid in the kitchen has filtered ice. We always ran out when we had company. I had seen the GE Opal at a friend’s house & loved everything about it but the price was holding me back. Thank you, Amazon Prime, for featuring the ‘MacDaddy’ portable edition with the side car. This feature allows you the benefit of RO water to create filtered ice. The portability factor makes it moveable to wherever you need it. We found a functional, rolling cart ($100) on Amazon & it fits perfectly in my pantry. Love my Opal!" -Jamie

"All our friends and neighbors are jealous and love it when they come over and see it. We use daily and it supplements our fridge/ freezer ice maker. The only negative is it does take up counter space and can be a little noisy. I definitely recommend the side tank." -G. Segura

Go ahead. Buy the internet-famous nugget ice maker. Make your neighbors jealous. And bring it with you to all your holiday parties this year. We promise you it'll be a bigger hit than dessert.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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