If You’re a Gemini, Your Best Day of the Year Is Coming Right Up—Here’s What To Expect

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Gemini season may be coming to a close—but it won’t end without a bang. The very last day, June 20, brings not only the energetic finale of the twin sign’s energy, but also a supportive Mercury transit that’s destined to deliver the best day of 2022 for Gemini, according to astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides.

From the outset, it’s worth noting that the last day of any sign’s season tends to dial up that particular sign’s vibe, such that people of that sign feel a sense of positive alignment. “On the last day of Gemini season, the sun will be at 29 degrees of Gemini, which is what astrologers refer to as the "anaretic degree," or a critical or fated degree,” says Marmanides. And in this case, Geminis can expect to feel that as a burst of energy or one final hurrah, she says, adding that it can also function as an opportunity to reflect on the past month or set the tone for the year ahead—or both.

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“Geminis may be called to ask themselves, ‘How do I want to be seen? How am I being true to my nature? How can I use my gifts to express myself from a more soul-centered space?’” says Marmanides. In other words? As a Gemini, June 20 may be your best day of 2022 to introspect and come away with an approach to life that really resonates.

And the sun’s final day in Gemini isn’t the only reason why, either. As of June 13 (and through July 5), your planetary ruler of communication-oriented Mercury will also be transiting in your sign—aka its domicile, or the sign in which it’s most capable of expressing its energy. Not to mention, by this point, the planet will also have cleared its “retroshade” period, or the wonky few days that typically follow a retrograde transit (which wrapped up for Mercury on June 3). All of the above will just make it easier for Geminis to be the fullest, most comfortable version of themselves throughout the back half of June.

“Geminis have so many solar gifts—namely, being expressive, communicative, fact-gathering, curious, and clever. And on June 20, Mercury will be urging them to act on those.” —Maria Sofia Marmanides, astrologer

But perhaps the clearest reason why June 20, in particular, is poised to be the best day of 2022 for Gemini is a supportive sextile between Gemini’s own Mercury and beneficent Jupiter. Because Jupiter is known for expanding the energy of whatever it touches, Geminis can expect this sextile to encourage them to embrace their natural talents, says Marmanides. “Geminis have so many solar gifts—namely, being expressive, communicative, fact-gathering, curious, and clever,” she says. “And on this day, their chart ruler will be urging them to act on those.”

Because many of Gemini’s strong points are cerebral in nature—it’s an air sign, after all—these folks can also expect the extra support from Jupiter on June 20 to bring clarity of thought. That is, as a Gemini, you could feel particularly confident in decision-making or in big-picture, long-term planning, says Marmanides: “June 20 is a great day to sign on a literal or metaphorical dotted line.”

In some cases, that could also mean taking a bigger leap of faith than you otherwise might have. “Thanks to lucky Jupiter in your corner, your optimistic outlook will be at an all-time high, and you’ll benefit from positive thinking and any other kind of self-empowered activities,” says Marmanides.

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