It’s Going to Be a Financially Lucrative Year for You, Gemini—so Get Ready to Be Filthy Rich

Photo: Stocksy/Victor Torres
It's almost 2020, baby, and I'd like to think that means happy horoscopes for all. The '20s of the last century, after all, was gleeful time: everyone had finger wave hairstyles, there was lots of booze, and doing the Charleston danced away any ennui. Most importantly, everyone was filthy, filthy rich. We're in less financially prosperous times, but according to famed astrologer Susan Miller, founder of Astrology Zone, a star sign is going to go into the 2020s truly roaring.

...Oh, no, it's not Leo. It's Gemini.

Miller recently shared her 2020 predictions at an event for the Zodiac Collection with Venus et Fleur. And while Taurus babies thrived financially in 2019, the outlook for cosmic neighbor Gemini is looking green as hell.

"Money, money, money, you're buying drinks for everybody, but not yet," Miller says. "After December 2, all the work you've put in finally begins to pay off in bucketfuls.”

The interesting thing is, it's not so much that a big promotion is in the stars (although you never know, Q4 is not the time to roll the dice and slack off. Instead, Miller emphasized that outside money will be finding its way into your wallet. Whether that's performance money, a commission, a tax refund, an inheritance, winning a prize, earning royalties, or getting licensing fees, the idea is that luck or a side hustle will probably be providing your income. That makes sense—Gemini babies are known for their intellect (typical air sign) and social skills, so you’ve been smartly schmoozing with the right people for a long, long while.

Speaking of which, expect good fortune if you’re looking to take something that requires a lot of $$$$. According to Miller, now is the time to take that risk.

"You want a house, you want a business loan, the bank opens the door for you," Miller says. “'So sit down, we're going to give you a great interest rate, there's only 2 percent' or something crazy like that. You're going to do so well with money, you're probably going to need a financial advisor because it's coming in a lot."

Oh, good advice there, make sure to keep your finances checked and balanced so you’ll be secure in the years to come. Because otherwise, well... you remember that whole Great Depression thing, right?

Another interesting thing about Gemini babes? Their passionate love of gossip. And if you fall on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini, this is how you're influenced by your next-door star sign.

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