After a Period of Cosmic Turbulence, Gemini Season Clears the Air for Every Zodiac Sign—Here’s What To Expect for Yours

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It's about time to breathe a star-sanctioned sigh of relief: We're finally exiting an especially tough Mercury retrograde and eclipse season as Taurus season comes to a close and Gemini gets ready to shine. Now, the vibe is very much "school's out for summer" with astrologers predicting that this Gemini season will have us out and about, adventuring and traveling or gaining momentum on creative pursuits. Read on for intel from astrologers about what to expect from Gemini season in 2023, as well as how every zodiac sign can anticipate feeling the twins' buzzy energy this year.

When is Gemini season in 2023?

Gemini season begins in 2023 when the sun moves into Gemini on May 21, and it lasts until June 21, when the sun shifts into Cancer. Throughout this time, the traits of the twin sign may feel especially dominant in our moods, whims, and actions. And because Gemini is a go-with-the-flow mutable sign, all of the above may be in for some change.

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Thankfully, that change will likely feel good; Gemini is a fun, light-hearted, and outgoing sign—and we can expect all of these qualities to infuse its spring-into-summer season.

Overall mood and energy of Gemini season 2023

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so it's no surprise that the sign is witty and chatty. An air sign, Gemini is also brainy and curious, which colors the overall mood of its season: ready for adventure, action, and spontaneity, even just for the sake of the plot.

"[This season's energy] is like, 'I’m ready to do something, even if I have no idea what I’m doing because something is better than nothing.'"—Alexandria Lettman, astrologer

After a weeks-long retrograde, Gemini season 2023 brings every zodiac sign a welcome opportunity for movement—but it just might not all be in a forward direction. Different from the energy of Aries season, which is defined by action, initiation, and forward momentum, this Gemini-inspired movement may be a bit less focused and more haphazard.

“It's like, ‘I’m ready to do something, even if I have no idea what I’m doing because something is better than nothing,’” says astrologer Alexandria Lettman. Though that might feel chaotic at times, there are also bound to be opportunities for learning, growth, and fun along the way.

Key transits affecting every zodiac sign during Gemini season 2023

Planetary movements

As we enter Gemini season, various planetary transits and aspects are well-aligned for good vibes. Beginning on June 1, expansive Jupiter (the planet of luck and abundance) meets up with the north node (a point in the sky associated with fate and destiny) in Taurus, marking what astrologers named as one of the most major astrological transits of the year.

This fortuitous conjunction could give every sign a boost, lending us all the desire to create our own adventures through travel and learning. “The north node is our destiny and sense of purpose, so there’s this strong calling in terms of seeing how you might make your world larger in order to make it better,” says astrologer Stephanie Gailing, author of The Complete Guide to Living By the Moon.

Sparks could fly in your romantic life, too, this season: Love planet Venus enters confident and fiery Leo on June 5 and remains there for the rest of the season. This transit brings playful, fun, dramatic, and even "steamy" energy to romance, according to Gailing. However, Venus also makes an opposition to Pluto during this transit, which has the potential to stir up once-buried relationship drama, too. "To work with that energy, dig deep, rather than just accepting things on the surface," she says. Be sure to re-establish trust in existing relationships to tamp down on envy and jealousy.

You might get some help with that come June 11, when Gemini's planetary ruler, Mercury, enters Gemini (aka the location where it feels most at ease), bringing on what Lettman calls "the best energy of the season." Conversations will be light, easy, and flowing—a welcome change after the vibe over these past few weeks of Mercury retrograde.

Also on June 11, Pluto slips backward into Capricorn after stationing retrograde in Aquarius, releasing us from its tough opposition with Venus. Its return to Capricorn, though, will also remind us that our work during Pluto's Capricorn transit of the past 10-plus years is not yet done. Pluto is all about society-wide transformation and reconstruction, and Capricorn has to do with systems and governance, so we'll likely find ourselves examining how we might rethink or reform the organizations that govern our world, especially in key sectors like education and technology. (No biggie.)

Not long after, beginning June 17, taskmaster Saturn also retrogrades in Pisces, turning its tough-love energy toward the Piscean realm of emotions and feelings. The nebulous water sign is already a difficult location for the planet of structure, responsibilities, and boundaries, and when you throw in the retrograde motion, the energy is primed for internal friction.

"This transit is about looking within yourself for how you can develop emotional maturity, but it can also bring a lot of karmic lessons, like learning from your mistakes," says Lettman. The Piscean influence, in this case, could lead you toward a greater understanding of how fear and insecurities may have held you back, she adds.

Lunar transits

New moons mean new beginnings, and the new moon in Taurus on May 19 brings an opportunity for a boost of creativity. This new moon aspects Neptune, which Gailing says lends it a dreamy quality that could stoke our imaginations. You can take advantage of this lunar sparkle by really getting in touch with your feelings, and "bathing in your dreams and romance," she says. Just be wary of getting carried away, she warns; Neptunian energy has a way of bringing us to abstract or even surreal places.

You could uncover answers to big questions along with closure when the full moon arrives in Sagittarius on June 5. Full moons symbolize culminations, and the influence of Sagittarian energy during this one could give you the confidence to make clean breaks with things (or people) in your life that no longer serve your goals. "We're likely going to feel very enlightened under this full moon, and we'll have the clarity we need to bring something to a close," says Lettman.

Which signs are most affected by Gemini season in 2023?

Although Gemini season means something a bit different for every zodiac sign in 2023, certain signs will feel its energy more acutely than others. Because the sun is shining on Gemini during their own season, they'll feel the most at ease and like themselves. Additionally, the other mutable signs—Sagittarius and Pisces—tend to resonate deeply with Gemini season, and are likely to feel more free to express themselves, says Lettman.

Because Virgo shares its ruling planet of Mercury with Gemini, and that planet is in a position of strength this season, Virgo is also likely to get a boost of clarity and insight, adds Lettman. And Gemini's fellow air signs, Libra and Aquarius, can also breathe a sigh of relief as they're bound to revel in the curious, communicative, and logical mood of the season.

Gemini season 2023 horoscopes for every zodiac sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

The past few weeks of Taurus season may have felt a little heavy for you, Aries. The steadfast energy of the sun in Taurus resided in your second house of personal values and money, likely pushing you toward some serious self-reflection and growth.

But now, this Gemini season finally lends you a break, says Lettman, as the sun highlights your third house of communication and information, offering you more flowing conversations. If you're dating, that realm of your life could get a boost, too, as a result. Just don't forget what you've learned from all that previous introspection; after all, understanding your value is an important lesson to integrate.


After your season was shrouded by a lengthy Mercury retrograde, you're due for some relief, Taurus. You've done the careful plotting and planning, and now it's time to see what all of that can yield, says Lettman. It's also a good time to consider whether your meticulous mapping may have held you back from following any of your dreams, she adds. Being cautious can be a positive quality, but if it goes too far, it's merely restrictive.


You have a little extra sparkle because it's your birthday season, Gemini. The sun in your first house of self and identity will make it that much easier to be yourself right about now. Take advantage of that energy by just keeping it moving, says Lettman. You don't necessarily have to know exactly where you're headed, but putting yourself out there and trying new things is a better route for you than staying stagnant. Ideally, the clarity you want will come later.


The beginning of summer is all about self-love for you, Cancer. Given the sun in Gemini highlights your 12th house of the inner psyche, you may feel more introspective or find yourself pondering how to best integrate all the life lessons you've been learning, says Lettman. To bolster your self-esteem, remember to speak to yourself with kindness and compassion—nip any buds of negative self-talk so they don't fester or interfere with your self-affirming energy.


You don't typically shy away from a social situation, Leo, but that'll be particularly true during Gemini season. The sun in Gemini activates your 11th house of networks and communities, breathing new energy into this realm of your life. "You're going to be the life of the party," says Lettman, "and you could find that you're increasingly motivating and inspiring other people."


This is a great time to turn your focus and energy toward your career, Virgo, as the sun in Gemini touches your 10th house of work and reputation. You may find that you're motivated to get everything done and to do so to the best of your ability, says Lettman, but try not to let your detail-oriented nature slip into perfectionism. Remember that complete is better than perfect.


This season is about expanding your belief systems, Libra. Be sure to leave room for lighthearted explorations, says Lettman—especially because you've likely been hard at work focusing on your career over the past few weeks. You could find additional opportunity for growth from networking or chatting with friends or mentors. "Try to take what you've learned about your career aspirations, and find the kind of people who can help you move toward those," says Gailing.


You may find yourself battling some deep internal anxieties and worries this season, Scorpio, as the sun in Gemini traverses your eighth house of taboos, death, resurrection, and other people's possessions. But even so, Lettman says there are some wins you can notch: For one, if you've been putting in the work in your career, you could reap some rewards thanks to the support of a close connection.

In any case, while it may be your tendency to get deep (you're perhaps the deepest of the emotions-driven water signs), it's important to avoid rumination this season. Focusing on what you can control—and letting go of what you can't—can keep you from getting mired in worry.


It's the season of your relationships, Sagittarius. As the sun in Gemini highlights your seventh house of partnerships, consider your platonic, romantic, or business-related relationships, and how you might tend to or strengthen them. If you're currently un-partnered, devote some time to thinking about what you might want in a partner (if you desire one), and how they might slot into your life, suggests Lettman.

Separately, around the time that your ruling planet Jupiter conjuncts the north node in Taurus, you may also feel motivated to re-up your health and wellness routines, as this aspect happens in your sixth house of daily rituals.


You're on your hustle and grind these days, Capricorn, as you emerge from the grounded season of fellow Earth-sign Taurus. But now, it's also time to catch up on anything personal that fell by the wayside during this period of hard work, says Lettman. The sun in Gemini resides in your sixth house of health, wellness, and routines, pushing you to examine how you might reprioritize yourself in order to tend to your mental and physical well-being.


The season of your fellow air sign Gemini is always a time of creative exploration for you, Aquarius, and this year is no different. The sun shines in your fifth house of pleasure and play, which could bring you some new artistic interests or romantic partners—or reinvigorate your passion for preexisting ones. Your north star this season is to remember not to take things too seriously, and to act out of interest and curiosity rather than obligation or to check a particular box.


This season is all about home for you, Pisces, as the sun highlights your fourth house of familial roots. Your attention could turn toward your family members, your physical nest, or even just a general feeling of belonging in your world. Though it may sound out of character for you, you could find some reprieve from all the focus on family matters by turning toward your work, says Gailing—so, if you get that urge, take it.

When taskmaster Saturn retrogrades in your sign beginning on June 17, Gailing says you may feel pushed to re-evaluate how you appear to others around you. Are you showing up as your authentic self, or is there some aspect of your identity that you haven't brought forth into the light?

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