6 of the Most Recognizable Traits of a Gemini (AKA the Zodiac’s Social Butterfly)

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The summer zodiac signs have it easier than, say, Capricorns, who—when their birthday rolls around—have to coax people out of leaving their warm homes to venture into the midst of a bomb cyclone. But when the sun is out and the weather is warm, it's pretty easy to get people to celebrate any occasion (especially if you're making big-batch cocktails).

So as of today, it's especially important for you to be on top of your birthday calendar since we've officially entered Gemini season (May 21–June 20)—and you won't want to upset a Gemini by missing out on her birthday festivities. People born under this zodiac sign have a reputation for experiencing things in extremes, making relationships and interactions with them somewhat difficult to navigate. But that is all the more reason to really get to know the Geminis in your life.

Here are six definitive personality traits of this zodiac sign, to help you better understand them. Oh, and here's a list of best presents for each zodiac sign so you can show off just how well you know that Gemini of yours.

Find 6 of the most common Gemini personality traits below.

1. You're frequently referred to as the life of the party

Ever since you can remember, you've been pretty extroverted and sociable. In fact, your social mantra is "the more, the merrier."

2. You're a chatty Kathy

Part of being a social butterfly is that you're extremely talkative. You can talk to anyone about anything, anytime, and anywhere. There's no such thing as a dull conversation for you.

3. You actually really enjoy group projects

Hearing that you have to team with a partner or join a group is music to your ears.

4. You have a hard time taking a break and unwinding

When you were younger, you were often called "hyper." Now that you're older, it's usually referred to as "energetic" (or, TBH, "extra"). The bottom line is that you'd rather be active than not.

5. You're good at starting projects but not always at finishing them

For you, the thrill of starting something new is in those first fleeting moments. Finishing or following through, however, is not your strong suit.

6. You've been known to be…moody

The most infamous of the Gemini traits—your ability to flip an internal switch in about two seconds flat. You have a strong personality, and you tend to experience emotions and reactions on either end of the spectrum, not in between.

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