If You Like Jade Rolling, You’ll Love Using These Gemstones in Your Skin Care

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In 2018, gemstones (like houseplants) have become a mainstay in your healthy home, gracing every surface from your bathtub to your intimates drawer to your at-home altar. But there's *one* more place that could seriously use all the high-vibe benefits your crystal collection has to offer—your beauty cabinet.

On a recent visit to New York City's Great Jones Spa, my Jurique facialist let me know that she was about to massage my face with amethyst. Okay, I thought, this should be nice didn't even begin to cut it. The experience led me to a Carrie Bradshaw-style "I couldn't help but wonder" type of moment. But instead of contemplating the physics of beauty (à la SJP in season 1), I became more concerned with the geology of beauty. I couldn't help but wonder: Why the hell am I not giving myself a crystal face massage every single night?

Post-revelation, I took my (now glowy and smooth) skin home to contemplate how best to begin gemstone-ifying my entire beauty routine. My search led me to three industry experts who know their way around precious stones: Paula Provenzano, Jurlique’s National Education Manager; Kristen Petrovich—founder of Sjal Skincare; and Keri Waxer, a member of Girl Undiscovered's U.S. communications team. Below, the trio shares why you should add the elements to your skin-care routine.

Keep reading for the skinny on why you should integrate gemstones into your daily beauty ritual.

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The physical and metaphysical benefits of adding crystals to your skin-care routine

"Crystal healing dates back at least 6,000 years to the time of the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia," says Provenzano. The company recently made their move to expand the practice into the 21st century with their newest facial offerings, which include jade, rose quartz, and amethyst acupressure.

"From a physical perspective, semi-precious stone tools offer the introduction of warmth or cold as a therapeutic component to a skin-care ritual. When used warm, they can help to relax facial muscles, increase circulation, and enhance the penetration of certain key actives," she explains.  In other words, enlisting a smoothed out piece of rose quartz or citrine actually could help to enhance the potency of your go-to toners, cleansers, moisturizers, and the like.

To make sure the benefits of these precious stones truly sink in, both Girl Undiscovered and Själ have gone as far as infusing and charging their offerings with elements like silver, aquamarine, and hematite. Open the package of Girl Undiscovered's Under the Waterfall Crystal Cleansing Water, for instance, and you'll find citrine and rose quartz floating at the bottom of the glass container. When you prep your skin for bed, you're dousing it with good vibes.

Beyond the physical, all three experts agree that crystals have a mystical, harmonizing magic that works wonders on human energy. "We’re in harmony with the earth," says Petrovich. "We have an electronic exchange with the earth, so what’s interesting about these gemstones and minerals is when we use them, we naturally resonate with them."

Think about it like this: If you keep your crystal starter pack at your desk, each stone fine tunes your energy throughout the workday. Massaging your skin with them works the same way.

Photo: Stocksy/Kara Riley

How to give yourself a quickie crystal massage

According to Waxer, your twice-daily crystal massage should double as a mindfulness practice. "It ties into the ritual of self-care and self-love. You don’t do the same thing every day," she says. "You look at your skin; you give it attention; you give it thought and love; and you’re like—what does it need today?" Many rollers on the market such as jade or rose quartz are perfect companions to your serums and moisturizers, but you can also opt for other smooth stones to help press your serums and lotions into skin.

Apply your usual cleanser, moisturizer, or other crystal-infused product. Then, massage the product into your skin using one of your smooth stones. Waxer recommends working in intuitive, circular motions, moving the stone from the third eye, to your forehead, to your cheeks, and anywhere else that feels natural. For an extra challenge, see if you can stay present throughout the process (ie: no mindless scrolling through Instagram).

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