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5 Genius Ways to Hack Your Beauty Products to Make Them Even Better

Rachel Lapidos

Rachel LapidosJanuary 3, 2017

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If there’s one thing most people can agree on regarding their beauty routine, it’s that the more streamlined it is, the better.

Thankfully, the great thing about the natural beauty world is that the DIY possibilities are just about endless. Not only can you make your own superfood-packed skin-care products and acne treatments, but you can also combine certain items on your beauty shelf to create some multitasking do-it-alls.

How about probiotic-boosted skin care? Or a body wash-turned-detox treatment (thanks to some bentonite clay)? These are just two of the genius mash-ups that Adina Grigore, founder of S.W. Basics and author of Skin Cleanse, shared with us recently.

“These hacks will make your products cheaper and better,” she says. “The most exciting part is that it makes your products more all-in-one.” Take steps out of your routine while saving money? Yes, please!

“The bottom line is that this allows you to fully control what’s in your products,” says Grigore. “When you’re adding something that’s totally natural, you’re making it better for you. And it’s easy.”

Keep reading for five ways to create some multitasking magic with the contents of your beauty cabinet.

Stocksy / Kelli Kim
Stocksy / Kelli Kim

1. Make your own lip-to-cheek

These days, you’ll be hard pressed to find a makeup brand that doesn’t make a lip-to-cheek. The good news is that you can make the creamy do-it-all product using any color you want. “A lot of makeup is designed to already come in this creamy texture,” says Grigore. “But to make this, it often contains added preservatives so that it goes on smooth on your skin (and lasts for a long time).” Avoid the extra chemicals by taking a skin salve or balmy moisturizer of your choice and mixing with a dry eye shadow or luminizer to make it creamier.

“All you have to do is take a little bit of something moisturizing and fatty, add the color, and use on your eyes, lips, cheeks—anywhere,” she says. “You can layer it for a brighter hue or just swipe on for a subtle touch of color.”

Stocksy / Alessio Bogani
Stocksy / Alessio Bogani

2. Add your own scent to your products

Fragrance in beauty products is a red flag—it’s an umbrella term that can hide toxic ingredients. “But even natural products that have essential oils in them for scent can lead to skin freakouts,” says Grigore. To avoid any toxic risks—but still smell good—she suggests taking your favorite unscented lotion and scent it yourself using one essential oil: “Start with 2-3 drops, which will give a lot of scent for very little product.”

Stocksy / Kelly Knox
Stocksy / Kelly Knox

3. “Super-fat” your soap

“This is my favorite hack because it means you do not need to moisturize after you shower,” says Grigore, explaining that “super-fatting” is a soap-making term that means adding an oil, moisturizer, or lotion to your soap before you use it: Just add your hydrating oil or lotion to the soap in a bowl, stir, and wash. “This is great because lots of washes with an added moisturizer have added chemicals and detergents that leave your skin dry—so this feeds your skin with the oil you’re usually putting on your skin afterwards while saving time.” Plus, water starts evaporating as soon as you get out of the shower, leaving your skin parched—this method locks in the water on your skin while you’re in the shower.

Stocksy / Trinette Reed
Stocksy / Trinette Reed

4. Make your shampoo or body wash detoxifying

Clay is a magically detoxifying ingredient that pulls dirt from your body and scalp. “You can buy any cheap clay at the store, whether it’s bentonite or French, and add it to your sudsy shampoo or body wash,” says Grigore. “When you mix them in a bowl, it’ll become this amazing consistency. You want to make it super fresh and use it as soon as you make it.” Put in your hair or on your body (or both), wait until it dries, and rinse.

Stocksy / Lyuba Burakova
Stocksy / Lyuba Burakova

5. Mix probiotics into your skin care

You can add the buzzy supplement to your beauty routine with a simple DIY mask. “Take a mask product you really like or a simple clay and mix it with kombucha and/or yogurt,” says Grigore. “Mix them together and stir well to get all of the clumps out, then put it on your skin until it dries. You can use it as a face or body mask.” She notes that yogurt with fruit or sugar would be an added bonus so you get antioxidants and glycolic acid for exfoliation. “If you’re really sensitive, however, use it as a face wash,” she recommends.

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