This Gentle Pilates Sequence Is Like a Massage for Your Lower Back

Summer is officially in full-swing, which means it's time to party. And at the risk of sounding like a cheesy commercial for prescription medication, the last thing you want to do is let lower back pain rain on your parade. If you're experiencing tension that region—whether it's from too much sitting, or too much activity—Chloe De Winter of Go Chlo Pilates offers an RX in the latest episode of Good Moves.

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"Today I'm going to take you through a gentle pilates workout with a focus on strength and flexibility of the low back," she says. "So if you've ever had any sort of low back issues or if your low back just needs a little bit of love, this workout is for you."

Gentle is the key word, as this is a workout for those days when you want to give your body some soft movement just to stretch it out and keep its machinery humming. It specifically targets muscle groups that connect directly or indirectly into the low back to help alleviate any discomfort.

For example, de Winter pays extra attention to the hamstrings in the video, which you may not realize could be connected to the pain you feel on the upper half of your body. "Your hamstrings attach up into the back of your pelvis and can also affect what's happening in your pelvis and your low back, so they can sometimes be associated with some sensations around your low back," she explains.

Want to find out what else you should be working out in order to workout tension in your lower back? Roll out your mat and press play on this massage-like Pilates workout now.

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