These Geode-Inspired Desserts Elevate Rock Candy to a Whole New Level

Photo: Instagram/@botanicbakery

Lately, healthy Instagram has been a breeding ground for eye-popping creations born of fan obsessions (think: succulent cupcakes, succulent cakesmarble succulents—basically, succulent anything). The latest wellness-related Frankenstein-esque innovation? Another spin on food art that's inspired by woo-woo crystals and geodes.

The brainchild of baker and model Kristel van Valkenhoef, Botanic Bakery is an art studio disguised as dessert spot that churns out geode- and crystal-inspired sweets (or artwork, depending on how you look at it). Van Valkenhoef makes her geode lollipops, cookies, and "agate stone sugar slabs" at Brooklyn Floral Delight, the bakery behind the aforementioned succulent cupcakes, according to Vogue.

Though I can't speak to the nutritional value of these sweet masterpieces (Van Valkenhoef hasn't gotten back to me about the confectionary ingredients) or recommend sugar as a mood booster, offering these colorful, decadent treats at your next women's circle will likely inspire some high vibes and healing energy.

See 5 of the sugary geode works of edible art below.

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