Healthy Holiday Gift Guide: Creative Gifts for the Wanderluster in Your Life

You know that person in your life whom you can only keep track of via Instagram geotags? Well, said person is likely already in possession of and likely receiving more neck pillows than they need—so, be a little more creative this holiday season!

But, what do you get someone who is hiking the Appalachian Trail one month and lounging poolside in Mexico the next?

The following fun and fail-safe products are perfect for your ever-traveling or wanderlusting loved one. Some are airport-experience enhancers , and others are functional and oh-so-necessary tech staples. All are sure to please.

Scroll through the editor-approved travel-friendly gifts below.

Spiritual Gangster Let's Get Lost Zen Tee, $65

This T-shirt pretty much spells out the wanderluster's dream: getting lost in a foreign place and embracing whatever adventure comes. The top is also lightweight and ultra-soft, making it perfect flight attire.

Stout Tent Bell Tent, $750

This high-ceilinged, durable (and très chic!) tent perfectly fits into the middle ground between a sleeping bag under the stars and luxe glamping.

Lululemon Reversible (Un)Mat Lightweight Travel, $48

Packing just the wardrobe items you need for a getaway can be a challenge. So, understandably, adding a yoga mat into the travel mix can cause a luggage conundrum. This lightweight, reversible Lululemon mat with a built-in layer of grip aims to temper your woes.

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Travel Kit, $62

Gift some TLC with this TSA-approved travel pack featuring in-flight skin-care necessities. Included in the kit: an oil treatment, a face mask, and soothing gel, which is basically the holy trinity for defeating in-flight irritation and dry skin.

Bkr Rose Gold Tutu, $185

Even your jet-setting pal can't always remember one of the most sworn-by flight hacks: staying hydrated. This 500-milliliter bottle functions as a helpful (and beautiful, Swarovski-crystal adorned) reminder.

Fujifilm Instax Mini, $64

Traveling is all about the experience, which makes an Instax camera a great gift for someone who's always on the fly. This lucky gift receiver will be able to capture the moment (and immediately see the on-instant-film evidence) while staying true to their digital-detox getaway.

Madewell Red Wing Boots, $290

For the friend who is always Instagramming a hiking trail or a waterfall, these durable leather boots (they supposedly last a lifetime) are the gift that keeps on giving.

Gypsy Dreamer Designs Amethyst Crystal, $32

For the person who seems to have absolutely everything, crystals are a pretty great gifting bet. Amethyst specifically is a high-vibe winner, as it's touted for being a good luck charm and a jet-lag kicker. Sounds pretty perfect for a constant traveler.

Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling Headphones, $180

Noise-canceling headphones are great for centering yourself with a soothing playlist or a guided meditation, and they're also imperative for helping you keep your Zen on a cramped flight full of anxiety-riding distractions.

Raden A22 Carry, $295

This carry-on is sleek and compact, but it also has charging ports (AKA, a modern-day travel necessity), a built in scale that weighs your luggage, and, perhaps most importantly, a tracking device.

BB Dakota Catalina V-Neck Jumpsuit, $105

Solve the age-old "but what do I travel in?" enigma with a soft, stretchy, and pocketed (!) jumpsuit.

We have everyone else on your list covered, too. See our picks for the natural beauty buff and party-hosting friend.

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