De-Stress This Holiday Season With Giftable CBD for All the Good Vibes

The cheerful thrill (and busyness) of the holidays is here. And truthfully, “chilling out” may not be at the top of your date book, between balancing your 9-to-5 life alongside holiday festivities (hello cocktail party and gifting season).

While free time might not be the catchphrase of the season, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Making time to de-stress is essential. So how, exactly, can you spread holiday cheer and tranquility in just one go (for yourself and your loved ones)? For starters, you can add CBD to your holiday shopping list.

Need a refresher on how CBD can help? Studies have linked cannabidiol—the non-psychoactive compound extracted from cannabis and hemp plants—to a wide range of health benefits, most namely helping to lower feelings of anxiety.

For an assist on the stress-support front, Beam has the hookup with giftable CBD essentials for a well-being boost you can giftwrap (for real—check out the reviews on the website). Whether it’s making a nighttime routine more cozy or adding an extra dose of chill to a daily wellness practice, there's something for everyone—and we rounded up some of our favorites below (including the editor-loved CBD Dream Powder) so you can start shopping, and spreading the tranquility vibes.

Keep scrolling for the giftable CBD essentials you can grab for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

1. For your always-on bestie.

Got a plugged-in, on-the-go BFF? Help them find time to decompress with a winter bedtime bundle that they’ll use well into the new year. The Beam Dream Easy Holiday Bundle comes with a set of two CBD-based sleep drink mixes (cinnamon cocoa and white chocolate peppermint) and a glass mug for a soothing (and tasty) send-off to slumber.

The dairy-free mixes (which are basically the equivalent of CBD hot chocolate) are jam-packed with ingredients like reishi, nano CBD (tiny hemp particles with the highest absorption potential to naturally support rest*), and melatonin to support deep, well-rested sleep—something we could all use more of this time of year, and all the time.

2. For the wellness enthusiast.

For the fitness lover who doesn't let cold weather slow them down, help them level-up their recovery time with a calming add-on. Beam's The Fixer is a soothing topical balm made with CBD-infused beeswax to help relieve muscle soreness and body fatigue with natural oils like lavender and eucalyptus. All they have to do is rub the balm directly onto stiff muscles after a workout, and prepare to feel rejuvenated.

3. For your stressed-out coworker.

Is your closest work buddy feeling a bit more tense lately? Whether it's tight deadlines, back-to-back meetings, or the buzzy holiday season, odds are their to-do list might be keeping them up at night.

Help them unplug with Beam's holiday-friendly White Chocolate Peppermint Dream Powder, which puts a festive spin on any wind-down regimen. The creamy (and gluten-free) hot cocoa is packed with mood- and sleep-optimizing nutrients like reishi and magnesium, plus calm-supporting supplements like nano CBD, melatonin, and l-theanine—to send your previously stressed friend off to dreamland.

4. For yourself.

With all the party prep, gift shopping, and social gatherings, it can be easy to lose sight of a VIP in your life—yourself. While you're shopping for everyone else, don't forget to put yourself on your gift list (it's called self care for a reason) and snag yourself a bottle of Beam's The One tincture.

The mint-flavored oil assists in balancing mood and boosting tranquility with a range of potencies from 500 milligrams to 2,000 milligrams. And it combines organic hemp seed and grape seed oils to help your body absorb all the good stuff—for a deep, meditative breath in dropper form.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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