The Best Types of Gifts for You, According to Your Enneagram Type

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Did you completely space on writing your wish list this season? If so, you might just be an Enneagram type two. Truity, an online provider of personality and career tests, recently conducted a survey of over 105,000 people to find out the best gift for each Enneagram type (which is especially helpful if you feel like the suggested gifts for your zodiac sign or other personality indicator feels off).

"The Enneagram is a system for understanding personality based on how a person processes information in their world and how they handle emotions," says Molly Owens, founder and CEO of Truity. "Each person has one of nine core personality types, and usually sees influence from a 'wing' on either side. For instance, a type nine in the Enneagram may also identify with elements of either one or eight."

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  • Molly Owens, Molly Owens is the founder of Truity, a company designing user-friendly personality and career assessments for coaches, trainers, and HR professionals.

If you're unfamiliar with your exact Enneagram type, you can take a quick quiz here to find out where you likely land. Then, once you've got your number, grab a pen and paper—we're about to start listing the best gifts for each enneagram type.

Below, the best gifts for each Enneagram type

One: The Reformer

Type ones tend to be naturally hardworking, and in the olden days a spa-treatment self-care gift would be the move. But [sigh] maybe next year.

"In terms of tangible gifts, Enneagram ones really enjoy home-related items, like a beautiful end table or a special painting," says Owens. "Ever-practical, ones also desire gifts they will actually use—even if that’s a blender or a vacuum."

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Two: The Helper

Type twos are cozy folks—homebodies with strong ties to their loved ones. So this socially distant holiday might be especially hard on you. You’ll feel comforted with sentimental gifts, like a great framed photo of a memory or personalized piece of jewelry.

"When in doubt, a meaningful gift, like a handwritten card or a day trip to a favorite, scenic spot would be right up their alley," says Owens. "Avoid generic gifts, like gift cards or cash, when considering a two. More than the gift, they really appreciate the effort you put into thinking of them."

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Three: The Achiever

Threes reported a preference for travel-related gifts which, like, sigh. If booking a flight is out of the question (and it likely is), consider gifting something that's transportive aesthetically like a kick-ass pair of leather boots or an oversized-yet-tailored blazer. No WFH sweats for threes—of all the types, they were the most interested in unboxing something fashionable.

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Four: The Individualist

Fours love specificity; they don’t like gifts that are simply pragmatic, nor would they enjoy anything extravagant. Owen says to think niche, nostalgic, and personal.

"Enneagram fours love when you really ‘get’ them and consider their nuances while gifting," says Owens. "A first-edition book from a favorite author…would top their list of best gifts."

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Five: The Investigator

Type fives report an appreciation for tech gadgets—so yes, take a look at which fitness trackers might be of interest to you—and identify as bookworms.

"You can’t go wrong introducing them to a new book you think they’d love, or a gift related to one of their latest interests; they usually like to dive deep on a topic or two at a time," says Owens.

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Six: The Loyalist

Type six people are super down to Earth and practical; they’ll cringe at an extravagant gift. They prefer something they’ll either use every day, or something that appeals to their senses. Sixes enjoy home-related gifts that they’ll utilize daily, like kitchen gadgets, scented candles, and fleece-y blankets. Or, they'll target their own warm and fuzzy center.

"Soft-hearted, loyal sixes love gifts that center around nostalgia, community, and care," Owens says. "They would definitely appreciate sports memorabilia from their favorite team, or a donation to a favorite charity."

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Seven: The Enthusiast

Cheerful, energetic type sevens have an adventurous spirit that may currently feel dimmed, so having the opportunity to go (safely) on a day trip will make them forever feel grateful for the change of pace.

And similar to type threes, sevens also love a stylish new piece of clothing. "If you know their favorite store, or an item they’ve been talking about for a long time, it's a great time to make a purchase," Owens says.

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Eight: The Challenger

"Sometimes, the high-achieving eight just wants to know you’re paying attention—and you appreciate them," says Owens. "Try a handwritten note or homemade video showing your love for all they do."

They also appreciate something deliciously over-the-top, like a full-course (takeout) meal from their favorite ritzy restaurant. "At their core, eights just want to know they’re loved, and there’s no better way to do that than really thinking about a gift—large or small—that shows you know them," Owens adds.

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Nine: The Peacemaker

Much like their flexible personality type, nines like to receive a range of gifts, especially sentimental, travel, and fashion-related items. (Cozy is key here, so lean toward a cashmere cardigan to help you keep toasty all winter). Or, indulge in something a little playful.

"Of all the types, nines enjoyed decadent and whimsical gifts they probably wouldn’t let themselves have on a normal day,” says Owens. "Consider a monogrammed ring, or a cake order from their favorite—albeit expensive—bakery."

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