7 Star-Sanctioned Gifts Perfect for the Super-Sensual Taurus in Your Life

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Bull season is in full bloom, and if you're looking for gifts for a Taurus, you're in luck! As a quintessential Taurus myself, I have a sense of what the earthy sensualists of the zodiac wheel might enjoy. I own eight pink and green floral print dresses, I enjoy long lunch breaks in the park, and I know how important material things are for these fixed signs—especially during their birthday month, which runs April 20 to May 20.

But you don't just have to take my word for it: Alex Caiola, psychic, astrologer, and founder of spiritual wellness platform High Priestess of Brooklyn, suggests you lavish the special Taurus in you life with luxury that speaks to their value of wealth and loyalty. That's because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure. "Give them the labels. Fill their whole house with flowers," Caiola says, caveating that the gift "means nothing if it just looks good—it needs it to feel right."

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  • Alex Caiola, astrologer, tarot card reader, and founder of High Priestess of Brooklyn

So, when shopping for a Taurus (and this also applies to those who have a Taurus Venus sign), always keep in mind that they're sensualists who are deeply romantic, but they also value comfort derived from sameness. Find great options below.

Below, 7 gifts for a Taurus that'll appeal to their sensual sensibilities

1. Lavender Tree, $65

Friends, I audibly squealed when I saw this stunner. Bulls are a friend to all flora, so as a gift for a Taurus, you'll never do wrong with a potted plant or an especially fragrant bouquet. For something special (yet still practical), opt for this lavender tree. Lavender is the "plant of peace" that helps alleviate stress, so that aroma can set the mood for chill hangs and midday naps.

Shop Now: Bloomscape Lavender Tree, $65

2. Ettitude Signature Sateen Sleep Shirt, $56

Caiola and I agree that clothes of any kind are a great gift option for Taurus (typically their wardrobe is jam-packed with classic styles, legacy brands, and a whole lot of rose print). That said, it is important that Taurus has clothes that feel heavenly on their skin. While Ettitude is known for its bamboo cooling sheets, the brand also puts out pajamas made of the same silky-smooth material. I try to save mine for wearing on special occasions, and that should help you understand just how dreamy the garments are.

Shop Now: Ettitude Signature Sateen Sleep Shirt, $56

3. Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Voile Sheer Lipstick, $42

Gucci is a match made in heaven for Taurus because of its solid commitment to the most fantastical florals. Gucci GG Blooms Supreme Slide Sandals ($360) are at the top of my personal Taurus gifts wish list. If that's a little out of your price range, though, no worries—this Venus-ruled sign will appreciate Gucci's foray into the beauty realm, with lipstick tube cases showcasing florals.

Shop Now: Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Voile Sheer Lipstick, $42

4. Seol + Gold 22Ct Gold Vermeil Taurus Zodiac Sign Necklace, $86

Caiola says Taurus—and really all the Earth signs—is always happy to add something new to their jewelry box. This bejeweled bull comes in two metals and is quite cute.

Shop Now: Seol + Gold 22Ct Gold Vermeil Taurus Zodiac Sign Necklace, $86

5. Tocca Mini Perfume Collection Set, $48

The only Taureans that don't have a signature scent are those still seeking one out. If you know the Taurus in your life is on the hunt, here's a perfect gift idea: Buy them an elegant yet smartly priced sampler. They'll fall in love with one scent, and then you have a well of future present ideas for birthdays and holidays. Tocca is a great brand for this gift; my signature scent is the classically romantic Florence, and I've already been gifted the perfume, body wash, body lotion, and even the designer laundry detergent this year. Scent layering of this sort may bore some people, but not a Taurus!

Shop Now: Tocca Mini Perfume Collection Set, $48

6. Valfre Celestial Taurus Woven Blanket, $60

Home decor gifts are an excellent option for Taurus—and remember, something tactile is always appreciated. This blanket by Valfre is part of the brand's zodiac-minded Celestial Collection.

Shop Now: Valfre Celestial Taurus Woven Blanket, $60

7. Bloomi Massage Oil, $64

Found: The perfect Taurus nightstand accessory. Bloomi's Massage Oil with CBD and botanical aphrodisiacs is a must-have if your bull is all about a sensual massage (and really, who isn't?). The night-blooming flowers and woodsy scent can help one unwind and stir arousal, putting you in the perfect mind-body state for sexy relations. But if you're not using it for sex, it can still help you unwind. Sometimes I'll massage three pumps into the base of my neck after a day of looking at my computer screen for muscle relief, and that feels yummy, too.

Shop Now: Bloomi Massage Oil, $64

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