17 Gifts for People Who Really Love Sleep (Or Can’t Seem To Get Enough of It)

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There's a reason why many of us are googling "gifts for better sleep." In the wise book of some slumber-loving folks, when you snooze, you absolutely don't lose. And health-wise, there's ample research to prove that getting enough sleep regularly is, in fact, a win: Clocking around seven to eight hours, on average, per night is linked with optimal cognitive and cardiovascular function—while being sleep-deprived is connected to a weakened immune system and shoddy balance, among other detriments. So, whether you have an all-star napper or ritual in-bed-by-10 friend, or perhaps, a loved one who's always craving more zzzs, you'd be smart not to, well, sleep on gifts practically designed for people who love sleep.

Because good sleep tends to hinge on maintaining a stress-dissolving nighttime ritual and a supportive sleep environment, many of the best gifts for folks who love sleep fall in these general realms. For a city-dwelling friend or anyone who could use more peace and quiet come nighttime, you could certainly splurge on noise-blocking sleep buds, or, alternatively, a soothing sound or white-noise machine. And for the friend who appreciates the finer things, you can be sure that anything silk (from pajamas to a pristine pillowcase) will leave them touched—in the softest way possible, that is.

But you also don't have to drop the big bucks in order to essentially bottle up good sleep in gift form. Plenty of the best gifts for people who love sleep serve as simple upgrades to an everyday routine. And they have the bonus of being memorable gifts by design: They'll naturally place you in the recipient's mind whenever they're about to drift off.

And with that, we rest our case (get it?). Read on for the gifts that'll make falling and staying asleep that much dreamier for the people in your life who are happiest in bed.

Here are the 17 best gifts for people who'd just rather be asleep right now:

Natureofthings Rest and Respite Ritual — $100.00

If there were ever a time when it felt universally necessary to soak away stress, I would wager it’s probably now, as we’re nearing almost two years of pandemic mayhem, and getting ready for the chaos that is the holiday season. Level up a friend’s bath ritual with this soothing magnesium soak and arnica-infused body balm, both of which have natural pain-relieving properties.

The Nue Co. Stress + Sleep Set — $45.00

There’s something about a chic set that just feels gift-y—and this dynamic duo is no exception. The functional fragrance is a slightly spicy blend with citrus notes that’ll lift your friend’s mood with a couple of spritzes. And the sleep tincture, which is taken with a few drops below the tongue, contains Valerian root, chamomile, and passionflower (all of which can help naturally promote deeper sleep).

Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Candle — $60.00

What would a sleepy gift guide be without at least one dreamy candle? At first blush, it might seem like such an obvious choice as to be borderline boring—but this one from Neom is worth a deeper look. The hand-poured wax is infused with 19 essential oils chosen specifically for their soothing properties, like English lavender, sweet basil, and jasmine. And it has three separate wicks, which just makes it that much easier to burn evenly for longer, with less risk of tunneling.

Beam Dream Powder — $76.00

Chances are, your sleep-loving friend knows a thing or two about a soothing nighttime beverage. But this one from Beam will take their nightcap to the next level: It’s a rich, cinnamon-infused hot cocoa powder that contains snooze-inducing magnesium, l-theanine, and melatonin to shuttle them off to sleep without so much as a toss or a turn. Not to mention, it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and has no added sugar—and it can be mixed up in their favorite milk or alt milk, or with just water.

Equilibria Limited Edition Winter Citrus Daily Drops — $35.00

CBD has surely had its moment in the sun over the past few years—but among the many things it may be good for, sleep tends to rank high on the list. Though research is still underway, preliminary studies have shown that CBD can improve sleep quality because of its calming effect on the central nervous system. This particular tincture from Equilibria is made with full-spectrum CBD concentrate from hemp flower oil, and boasts a warming winter-spice scent to boot.

Farmaesthetics Dreaming Etheric Inhalation Oil — $27.00

If you’re familiar with aromatherapy, you know the immense power of scent to change your mood with just a few whiffs. (And if you’re new to the aromatic game, know that the neurological response that can come with smell alone is nothing to sleep on.) For the friend who loves fragrance but is, perhaps, all candle-d out, consider this dreamy inhalation oil from Farmaesthetics. It’s a blend of lavender and clary sage oils, and can be applied directly to the wrists, added to a steamy bath, or dropped into a diffuser.

Testament Beauty Moroccan Chamomile Sleeping Mask — $72.00

Getting out of that perfectly cozy spot in bed is just a little bit easier when you know your skin will be softer in the morning than it was when you went to sleep. And with this overnight mask from Testament Beauty, your sleepy friend can have all that morning glory, and more. It packs plumping peptides and moisture-retaining niacinamide for a post-slumber glow that all but defies wintertime dryness.

Coface Womens Fur Sliders — $19.00

Help a loved one tread a little softer and a little cozier this season with fluffy slippers that double as a fashion statement. These ones from Coface have built-in arch support, too, so they can spend hours cooking, cleaning, hanging holiday décor, or doing whatever other home activities the season may bring while feeling like they’re walking on a cloud.

Brooklinen Weighted Throw Blanket — $169.00

Like a hug in gift form, a weighted blanket is ideal for the loved one in your life who could use some help wading through holiday-season stress; the extra pressure is known to help quell anxiety. And while it’s certainly a splurge, a weighted blanket is a gift for life—and can be put to snuggly use all year-long. This one from Brooklinen is made from breathable textured cotton and has a quilted layer of evenly spaced tiny glass beads that provide its signature heft.

Cozy Earth Women's Long Sleeve Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajama Set — $123.00

The person who loves to sleep will want to look good and feel good while doing it—and a super-soft pajama set like this one from Cozy Earth is a foolproof way for them to do both. It’s made from temperature-regulating bamboo-based fabric (which comes in five colors) that’ll help prevent nighttime overheating, while still feeling totally smooth and cozy to the touch. Not to mention, it’s machine-washable and woven for maximum durability—and currently 30-percent off as part of a site-wide Black Friday sale.

Ostrichpillow Eye Mask — $45.00

Total darkness can be hard to come by (especially with the sun rising early in the winter). But for light sleepers, it’s often a necessary part of getting a full night of uninterrupted shut-eye. And that’s precisely where this specially designed eye mask comes into play: It has a 3D shape that essentially cups the eyes, so your sleepy friend will be able to blink comfortably while wearing it—and still be in almost complete darkness.

Hatch Restore — $130.00

Compare this sunrise alarm clock from Hatch with a regular ol’ clock, and it’s quite literally like night and day. If you’re unfamiliar with this category of smart appliances, they essentially generate the next best thing to an in-room sunrise, which has been shown to gently shift a person into a lighter stage of sleep before they awaken, making the wake-up process that much easier as a result. This one also syncs with an app, so your friend can customize its lights and sounds to their precise sleep routine.

Brother Vellies Cloud Sock Kit — $60.00

Sure, wearing socks to bed is divisive. But regardless of your friend’s preferences for socks or no socks when they sleep, this pair of ultra-soft Brother Vellies socks will be a welcome addition to their winter wardrobe, in or out of the house. An extra-cushioned foot makes them comfortable to wear without shoes, and their tall length means they double as ankle warmers, too.

The Complete Book of Dreams — $21.00

We all have that one friend who loves to relay their craziest dreams over brunch or cocktails the next day. Fuel their passion with a book by dream analyst Stephanie Gailing that can help them make sense out of even the wildest ones—whether they’re recurring, or lucid, or entirely terrifying. Beyond intel on interpretation, the book also includes advice for better recalling dreams, strategies for harnessing their healing and growth-enhancing powers, and even an explainer on the astrology-inspired practice of AstroDreamwork.

MeUndies Unisex Onesie — $78.00

File this onesie under things someone might not think to buy for themselves, but would most definitely love to have. Do your friend a favor, and gift them this full-body fit for cozy days at home when nothing less than allover comfort will do. The fabric is composed of sustainably sourced beechwood fibers for coziness that won’t turn into sweatiness, even after hours of lounging.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser — $119.00

Longer-lasting than a candle and compatible with any essential oil of your friend’s choosing, a diffuser is both an arbiter of good smells and a chic element of home design. This one from Vitruvi is a long-time favorite—and starting on November 21 (through November 29), it’ll be 30-percent off as part of the company’s site-wide Black Friday sale.

Jambys House Hoodie — $79.00

This hoodie is specifically designed for wearing while you’re doing nothing—and that’s precisely the energy that we’ll be channeling all winter long. Ideal for the friend that’s a fan of hibernating indoors, it’s made of the same fabric that pajamas brand Jambys has become known for: a blend of silky-smooth Modal and stretchy spandex in a French-terry knit. It comes in fifteen colors, which just makes it that much easier for your friend to ultimately buy another one once they fall in love with the one you gift them.

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