It’s Cancer Season—Here’s the Best Gift for *Every* Type of Cancer in Your Life, According to an Astrologer

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If you're close with a Cancer sign—anyone whose birthday falls between June 21 and July 22—you've likely been on the receiving end of their overflowing warmth and hospitality. After all, Cancers are the classic caretakers of the zodiac wheel, and often have a strong empathetic streak. But while that's a beautiful thing, it can certainly make returning the favor of thoughtfulness more challenging: How do you gift a top-notch giver? Ultimately, the best gifts for Cancers come from a place of meaning, says Alex Caiola, an astrologer, psychic, and founder of spiritual-wellness platform High Priestess of Brooklyn. "The story behind the gift is important, as is the craftsmanship," she says.

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  • Alex Caiola, astrologer, tarot card reader, and founder of High Priestess of Brooklyn

One foolproof option, if you're crafty or know your way around a kitchen? Making something by hand or from scratch. A Cancer is sure to love anything you pour your heart into, says Caiola.

"Cancer's celestial ruler is the moon, which signifies the maternal side of us. It rules the fourth house in the zodiac, which is all about the home." —Alex Caiola, astrologer

If you're not feeling the DIY route, not to worry. Many of the best gifts for Cancers are very much things you can buy—namely, anything that taps into their proclivity for home and style, and of course, their emotions-driven nature. "Cancer's celestial ruler is the moon, which signifies the maternal side of us," says Caiola. "It rules the fourth house in the zodiac, which is all about the home, both from an emotional and physical standpoint," says Caiola. That can translate to being a stellar host, a classic homebody, a wiz in the kitchen, or any combination of the above—so, when you're shopping for a Cancer, consider any particular home-centric passions.

Cancer's archetype, the crab, also reinforces caretaking tendencies. "The crab is known for…carrying its home on its back," says Caiola. "Your Cancer friend is likely the one with the bag full of snacks, water, hand sanitizer—all of the things your group could ever need to just get up and go." (It's no wonder Cancer is one of the cardinal signs, known for get-it-done practicality.) When you're gift-shopping, focus on anything that they can fit right into their routine—or use to elevate their everyday ritual—and they'll be thrilled.

And whatever you do, remember this: All of the best gifts for Cancers come with a card, says Caiola. Reading your kind sentiments will be (almost) as enjoyable for these intuitive and sensitive feelers as opening the gift itself. (The key word here being almost.)

Below, find the 8 best gifts for Cancers, the Zodiac's big-hearted nurturers, based on their particular personalities.

For the hygge-loving homebody

Snowe Classic Bathrobe — $100.00

The Cancer who relishes a night in will flip for this plush, air-spun cotton terry bathrobe from Snowe. “They love to create a serene environment within their homes, and garner that sense of security,” says Caiola. Just like their archetype (the crab) has its shell, your Cancer friend will happily swaddle themselves in this robe for an extra layer of cozy protection.

For the nostalgic trendsetter

Mejuri Pearl Rectangle Locket Necklace — $195.00

In keeping with their fondness of home, Cancers tend to feel a deep sense of connection with family, and they treasure passed-down heirlooms, says Caiola. Consider this modern version of a locket from Mejuri the next best thing. It hits that nostalgic note—and actually does contain a hidden compartment for holding a tiny photo close to the heart—while still looking totally chic.

Cancer also rules over the chest area and the breastbone, adds Caiola, so a necklace of any kind will likely be a winner. And this one features mother of pearl—also the birthstone for June—which comes from the pearl oyster, an ocean-dwelling creature to complement Cancer’s water element.

For the ready-for-anything pragmatist

Good American Good Night Jacket — $159.00

You can’t go wrong with a functional classic for the practical Cancer. And if you’re looking to splurge on a close fashion-forward friend, this oversized, slightly cropped number from Good American is just the thing. “A nice worn-in jean jacket also plays into the idea of a Cancer wanting to create a sense of comfort and home wherever they are,” says Caiola.

For the chic entertainer

Hay Candle — $35.00

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that the Cancer in your life who’s experienced enough at hosting to own candlesticks can always use more candles to fill them—and these ones from Hay moonlight as sculptural centerpieces, too. They come in sets of six, in various colors and shapes that range from smooth and conical to twisted and spiraled (our personal favorite). Choose one of the sets with an aqua-blue or mint color for bonus points: Water-y Cancers are typically drawn to the colors of the sea.

For the sentimental romantic

Frankie Print Co. Love Letter Blanket — $135.00

Where you might see “kitschy,” your tender-hearted Cancer friend will most definitely see “lovely.” Lean into Cancer’s love of all things, well, love, and personalize a love-letter blanket from Frankie Print Co. that they will gleefully wrap themselves in whenever they’re lounging on the couch. It’s warm and fuzzy, in just about every sense of those words.

For the organized aesthete

Blomus Modern Stone Vanity Tray — $20.00

There’s a very fine line between the homemaker Cancer and the hoarder Cancer, and if your loved one falls somewhere along it, you’d be wise to get them anything that can help organize or display all of their keepsake trinkets. These stylish Blomus stone trays will instantly compartmentalize and jazz up their vanity or bathroom counter, serving as a perfect home base for perfume bottles, skin-care products, makeup, candles, or whatever else they might currently be cherishing.

For the Leo-esque fashionista

Autumn Adeigbo Leaf Headband — $72.00

Cancers born toward the end of the season are likely to embody some of Leo’s scene-stealing qualities, says Caiola. And a colorful headband is just the trendy accessory they could use to shine in the spotlight. This leafy option from Autumn Adeigbo adds an easy flourish to any outfit, naturally bringing out Cancer’s style-driven side. Not to mention, it’ll transition seamlessly from summer into fall.

For the loud-and-proud Cancer

Dooz, Cancer Knit Tee — $125.00

For the Cancer who’s tired of answering, “What’s your sign?” This teal knit T-shirt from astrology fashion brand, Dooz, says it all. It’s printed with the Cancer symbol front and center, so people can know they’re the crab right off the bat. But unlike traditional tees, this one features a ribbed hem and matching sleeves that’s perfect for dressing up or down, depending on their many moods.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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