30 Clever Gifts for Super Organized People, According to Interior Designers and Organization Pros

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Have you got a neat freak on your holiday list? We can promise they probably don’t need another planner. If you’re wondering what they do need, that’s an answer best left to the pros. As someone who’s lost upwards of a thousand lip balm tubes and never knows where her phone is, I’m probably not the most reliable source for an organized gift guide. So, I left this year’s shopping up to interior designers and home-organizing experts so you can put your best gift forward.

“An organized space is my love language!” says Suze Dowling, co-founder and chief business officer of Pattern Brands. “This holiday season, I’m looking forward to giving and receiving simple, well-made products that make daily life more enjoyable.” Below, Dowling and other neatniks share the best gifts for organized people (or, you know, people who need help getting there, like me).

Experts In This Article

The best gifts for organized people, according to experts

For the office

Poketo Large Accordion Pro Filer
Poketo, Large Accordion Pro Filer — $48.00

A paper-filing organizer might not induce excitement. However, Dowling recommends this colorful accordion organizer that could make organizing papers something to look forward to—and, dare we say it, fun.

“The Poketo Accordion Pro Filer is a great tool to keep my bills, keepsake letters, and paperwork neatly organized, thanks to its brightly colored pockets and a sturdy elastic closure to keep everything bundled together,” says Dowling. “I love to give this to my work colleagues or friends who have an important life event ahead, like expectant parents or couples planning a wedding.”

BFF Set of Acrylic Trays With Metal Handles (Set of 2)
BFF, Set of Acrylic Trays With Metal Handles (Set of 2) — $71.00

Katherine DiGiovanni, co-founder of the organization consulting brand Neatnik, says never to underestimate the power of the tray.“It keeps items on a surface contained and provides a limit to the amount of things one can pile there,” DiGiovanni says. Take, for example, this two-piece acrylic tray set from BFF to make desk and countertop storage a breeze while adding a touch of timelessness to the space. “These elegant and simple trays can be used in an entryway, vanity or dresser, coffee table, bar, or really anywhere you need a little help staying organized.”

Mustard Made The Midi Locker
Mustard Made, The Midi Locker — $369.00

Mustard Made makes these adorable lockers you can use as filing cabinets, workspace storage, and more. Open up those doors, and you’ll find ample room for stuffing away necessary paperwork, tools, and electronics—whatever you can think of can be neatly tucked inside. The Midi also comes with two adjustable shelves, hooks, and a cable hole so you can organize it to your liking. And it’s not an eyesore like so many storage units tend to be. Each locker comes in a rainbow of pretty hues, so you can match your aesthetic or add a pop of color to add pizzazz to your workspace.

Courant Catch 3
Courant, Catch: 3 — $105.00

By now, you’ve probably seen this linen charging pad somewhere on Instagram. It’s a charging pad that juices up your phone wirelessly and works to keep wires and cords tucked out of the way. It also features a catch-all—perfect for organizing eyeglasses, pens, and other accessories while you work.

Rifle Paper Co. Weekly Desk Pad
Rifle Paper Co., Weekly Desk Pad — $14.00

Not everyone loves Google Calendar and Gmail. If they prefer a traditional calendar, tuck this calendar pad under their tree this holiday. It features 52 tear-away pages to jot down meetings, notes, and ideas, and as a bonus, it doubles as a mouse pad.

For the kitchen

Williams Sonoma Hold Everything Lazy Susan
Williams Sonoma, Hold Everything Lazy Susan — $35.00

Does your giftee have an assortment of pantry staples needing organizing (or re-organizing)? Dowling recommends this powder-coated lazy Susan for keeping kitchen items tidy.

“This beauty from Williams Sonoma is worth the hype, ” she says. “From organizing my spices and cooking ingredients in my small cupboards to displaying essentials on the countertop, this is a product I keep using time and time again. It also makes a thoughtful gift for the holidays. Pair this Lazy Susan with your favorite cooking oil, dish towels, and kitchen tools for a beautiful and practical present.”

Zakarian by Dash Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Block
Zakarian by Dash, Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Block — $34.00

This sleek magnetic block gets prized cooking knives out of drawers and off counters so that they’re organized and close at hand. Made of bamboo wood, it fits neatly on cook spaces and countertops, securely storing up to eight blades at a time.

Caraway, Prep Set — $395.00

If you really want to wow them, Caraway’s new Prep Set is the chicest way to organize their mish-mash of spatulas, ladles, and tongs. Each set includes four German stainless steel knives, five birch serving utensils, and shears, all stored in a pretty modular system to keep things spic-and-span. True to Caraway’s brand, it comes in the prettiest colors, too, so it’ll look great on their counters the moment it’s unwrapped.

Yamazaki Magnetic Kitchen Organization Rack
Yamazaki, Magnetic Kitchen Organization Rack — $52.00

This multipurpose rack is the Swiss army knife of kitchen-organization items, making it the perfect gift for apartment dwellers, friends, and family living in small spaces. It’s a paper towel holder, spice rack, and utensil hanger. Moreover, its magnetic design can also be attached to the refrigerator, freeing up space on countertops and cabinets—no tedious installation required.

Smart&Cool Magnetic Cable Ties (20-Pack)
Smart&Cool, Magnetic Cable Ties (20-Pack) — $18.00

“Nothing gives organization fanatics quite the dopamine rush and sense of satisfaction of these magnetic silicone bungees,” says DiGiovanni. From hanging notes and photographs on the fridge to sealing chip bags and cookie sleeves, they’re a convenient tool to keep around the kitchen. “You’ll find many ways to use these. [They’re] a perfect stocking stuffer for the organizers and techies in your life,” she says.

Anthropologie, Tesora 2-Tier Trinket Container — $36.00

Spare change, earrings, touching mementos—there’s nothing they can’t put in the tiered trinket container set from Anthropologie. Bonus: It’ll look stellar (and neat!) on their bedside table.

Tabletops Gallery, Hobnail Mixing Bowls — $40.00

Have you got a passionate baker on your shopping list? Get them these textured mixing bowls that nest into each other, making storage easy. Each bowl in the seven-piece set is made from durable stoneware that’s hardy and oven-safe. All in all, they’re *chef’s kiss.*

For the living room + bedroom

Open Spaces Entryway Rack
Open Spaces, Entryway Rack — $184.00

Nicole Anzia from Neatnik recommends this do-it-all rack from Open Spaces for the entryway or mudroom that needs a little TLC. “We love this shoe rack. It’s sleek, stylish, and versatile,” she says. “You can keep it by the door for shoes, but it can also serve as an end table or really to store anything. It comes in [five] colors and works with almost any decor or space.”

Honey-Can-Do Round Nesting Baskets (Set of 2)
Honey-Can-Do, Round Nesting Baskets (Set of 2) — $38.00

Your giftee can store throw blankets, decorative pillows, shoes, and more in these woven nesting baskets. The baskets make storage a work of art, keeping whatever you want to store in it out of the way while doubling as decor.

“Minimalista” by Shira Gill
“Minimalista,” by Shira Gill — $20.00

A coffee table book about organizing that doubles as decor? Yes, please. Ashley Murphy, co-founder and CEO of the luxury home organizing company Neat Method, recommends wrapping up Shira Gill’s book for the holidays. “Her newest book is a beautiful gift for anyone interested in learning about minimalism,” she says. Readers will enjoy step-by-step instructions and guides for trimming down their stuff and leading a clutter-free lifestyle.

Neat Method Closet Bundle
Neat Method, Closet Bundle — $190.00

If your giftees are constantly dodging an avalanche of boots and jackets each time they open their coat closets, this bundle has them covered. Each kit includes three hanger sets, two hanger clip sets, three medium-sized bins, labels, and a label holder. TL;DR—it’s everything they need to streamline their closet and get tidy, even if it does live behind closed doors.

Open Spaces Underbed Storage (Set of 2)
Open Spaces, Underbed Storage (Set of 2) — $148.00

Maximize bedroom space with these canvas storage bins that slide seamlessly under the bed. Designed like a suitcase, they make storing extra sheets, linens, sweaters, and more simple. Since they’re soft, you won’t have to worry about them getting stuck under there, even when they’re brimmed. And if they do peak out, they’ll still look stylish, thanks to the chic leather handle and neutral coloring.

SPT, Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier with Bamboo Base — $49.00

This humidifier is for the organized person who’s already tidied up their space so they can focus on ~aesthetics~. With the push of a button, it adds moisture to your air in the prettiest way possible, giving you a litany of benefits, including deeper sleep, better immunity, and nourished skin and hair. When you need a moment of calm, drop in some aromatherapy oils, too, and let it diffuse serenity into your space.

For travel

Calpak, Medium Clear Cosmetics Case — $85.00

This cosmetics case from Calpak went viral on TikTok for great reason—it’s a lifesaver for anyone on the go. It’s big enough to store all your beauty essentials without taking up too much room in your carry-on or suitcase and—because it’s clear—you can see everything you pack, so you won’t lose stuff. There’s a middle pocket for added storage, too.

Mele and Co., Lucy Travel Jewelry Case — $40.00

Similarly, this travel case is the easiest way to stash baubles safely when you’re on the road. The interior holds a mirror, a catch pocket, an earring card, two covered sections, and ring rolls, so there’s space galore for all your stuff.

Mark & Graham Leather Charger Roll Up
Mark & Graham, Leather Charger Roll Up — $49.00

Are you looking for a stocking stuffer or compact present they’re sure to love? You can’t go wrong with this luxe leather roll-up that’s perfect for organizing headphones, chargers, and other tech accessories while they’re on the go. “Organized people love to keep all of those unwieldy cords contained,” DiGiovanni says. “This leather roll-up carrier keeps all of your small gadgets, chargers, and cords together in a chic and stylish way. And this carrier can be monogrammed for a personal touch.”

Poketo Large 13-Inch Minimalist Folio
Poketo, Large 13-Inch Minimalist Folio — $58.00

Dowling relies on this pretty vegan leather folio when she’s on the road and needs to keep her items neat and safe. The pretty, flat case is roomy enough to store a 13-inch laptop or table plus more, which folds up and stays tucked thanks to a magnetic clasp.

“I can store my laptop, phone, pens, notes, and other important documents in one beautiful packet that fits neatly in my tote or carry-on,” she says. “This is a great gift for those on the move, as well as people looking to elevate their work-from-home space (and isn’t that most of us these days?!).”

Bag All Packing Organizes (Set of 8)
Bag All, Packing Organizes (Set of 8) — $135.00

No jet setter should stuff their carry-on without packing cubes, which Anzia dubs the “perfect gift for the traveler in your life.”

“Even organized people sometimes need help keeping their packing process and suitcase organized,” she says. Made from 100 percent cotton, she recommends this handy set from Bag All—a Neatnik favorite. Each kit includes three sizes of packing cubes and five different labeled bags, so nothing—not even a stray pair of undies—will get lost on the road.


Dagne Dover Remi Glasses Case
Dagne Dover, Remi Glasses Case — $75.00

For the friend who never leaves home without their sunglasses is this convenient foldable case from Dagne Dover. Open it up to find three individual compartments stored neatly in a single, protective carrying case, plus a mesh pocket for lens wipes or a contact lens case. Its compact design makes it easy to pack into backpacks or suitcases, while its hard exterior protects your glasses from getting squished in transit. Plus, it hangs, making it easy to store in a closet or on a shower hook in your hotel bathroom.

Anya Hindmarch Baby Emergency Kit
Anya Hindmarch, Baby Emergency Kit — $600.00

Neat Method’s Marissa Hagmeyer says this Baby Emergency Kit is worth every penny for parents who are hitting the road with their newborn. Inside, they’ll find a changing mat and various labeled pockets for items like diapers, lotions, and clean clothes. “While pricey, we think Anya Hindmarch’s Labeled line is so fun,” she says. “This would make a great gift for a new parent.”

For cleaning

Coway, Airmega 200M — $189.00

After a smokey summer, give them a breath of fresh air—literally. The Coway Airmega 200M is as functional as it is stylish, made with triple filtration that gets 99.9 percent of micron particles out of the air. It comes with two modes (Eco-mode and Auto-mode) to save energy, plus an automatic air quality sensor that tells you how pure your air is in real-time.

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner
Dupray, Neat Steam Cleaner — $150.00

For the friend who takes stress-cleaning to a whole new level, the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner will give them their deepest clean yet. It heats up to a whopping 275 degrees Fahrenheit—hot enough to kill germs and bacteria without any chemicals. Plus, you can use it for cleaning their tile floors, kitchen appliances, carpet stains, furniture, and more. Your friend will love it.

Dedcool x Ouai, Melrose Place Laundry Kit — $40.00

Laundry day just got better, thanks to this set from Dedcool and Ouai. Each kit comes with an aluminum can of laundry detergent and dryer sheets, both scented in Ouai’s dreamy Melrose Place scent. As with all Dedcool products, they’re both nontoxic, sensitive skin-friendly, vegan, and carbon neutral.

Blueland Hand Soap Duo
Blueland, Hand Soap Duo — $34.00

Why give one bottle of hand soap when you can give them multiple? Blueland makes refillable cleaning and hygiene products better for the Earth and wants you to go into the New Year with clean, healthy hands. You’ll get six soap tablets and two reusable bottles. And they smell divine, with scents like zesty lemon, refreshing lavender eucalyptus, and flowery iris.

Dyson Pet Grooming Kit
Dyson, Pet Grooming Kit — $70.00

Well+Good’s former editorial commerce director, Gina Vaynshteyn, wouldn’t call her house “neat” or “organized,” but the one thing she needs to have a handle on (otherwise, her brain explodes) is all the dog fur. With two 90-pound furry dogs, her home gets a layer of black dog hair if she doesn’t vacuum every other day (her go-to is the Dyson Outsize Plus, the only vacuum she’s found can handle that much shedding) or give her pups frequent spa days. To brush and vacuum simultaneously, she uses Dyson’s Pet Grooming Kit (an attachment kit for your Dyson vacuum of choice), which gently brushes and detangles dog hair while sucking it into the bin. This way, they shed less throughout the week, and she’s not left picking up wads of fur everywhere after brush time. “It’s been a total game-changer,” Vaynshteyn says.

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