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7 of the Greatest Gifts for Tea Lovers (That You’re Really Just Going To Want To Buy for Yourself)

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Hot or iced, caffeinated or herbal, with milk or without, there is nothing quite as relaxing or invigorating as a cup of tea. The truest tea lovers know that is so much more than just a cozy drink—tea has been a social, cultural, and even spiritual staple for centuries (research notes that the birth of tea culture occurred in China in 2737 BC). It is also the most consumed beverage in the world, not including water.

One of the most joyful parts of tea culture is the number of options—flavors, scents, herbs, origins, brands, brewing methods, and gadgets—there are to explore. For the aficionados in the room, there can never be enough products to sample, sip, and reap the soothe-inducing benefits from. Same goes for those just learning to love tea, though this group could likely benefit from a bit more assistance in building out a trusty brewing arsenal. Either way, we've got you covered.

Whether you're a tea newbie or a seasoned expert, we've roundup up some of the best gifts for tea lovers below, including the teas themselves plus affordable tea-making gadgets and serving tools. Best part? Everything on the list is $50 or less.

7 great gifts for tea lovers


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1. Dona Herbal Chai Loose Leaf Tea

This rich, complex caffeine-free chai tea is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. The notes of ginger, sweet cinnamon, cardamom, and Zanzibar black pepper make this tea delicious when brewed and served warm or when poured over ice. Drink it straight or stir with warm milk for a DIY chai latte.

2. Nifty Home Tea-Bag Carousel

Organize your growing collection of tea bags with this rotating carousel. The shiny finish looks great in any kitchen without taking up too much of your precious counter top real estate, and the 60 bag capacity means you can keep every type of tea in its own place for easy access. This is one of the best gifts for tea lovers who are trying to build out their collection without making a huge mess.

3. Palais des Thés Miniature Lose Leaf Tea Gift Set

Want to try them all? This quartet of loose leaf teas includes a green tea, rooibos, mate, and aromatic herbs option, so there's a match for every mood. Pro tip: once emptied, go ahead and reuse the cute, colorful storage containers for keeping any other loose leaf teas you have on hand fresh.


4. Zwilling Sorrento 2-Piece Double Wall Glass Tea Cup Set

When you make the perfect tea latte, you want to see your masterpiece. These glass tea cups are perfect for showing off your creation. The double walled glass means that your drink will retain its temperature (even if it takes you more than five minutes to finish your bev), and the glass won't feel hot to the touch when held. They're also just plain beautiful.


5. Kate Spade New York Sunny Disposition Tea Pot Holder

Even if it's deeply hidden (or barely there), this Kate Spade tea pot holder will help you channel your "morning person" energy no matter how early you're brewing. The whimsical design adds the perfect pop of color to your kitchen; the functional aspect means your hands stay safe and burn-free as you pour.


6. Vahdam Teas Chai Tea Set of 12 Loose Leaf Teas

Why gift one tea when you can give 12? These beautiful, aromatic blends come in a custom box that makes the set the ideal gift—no matter what the recipient's sipping preferences may be. Vahdam Teas also donates one percent of its revenue to the education of children in India whose parents work as tea growers, so you can feel good about your purchase.


7. Springdale Lighting Multi-Colored Tea Pot

This colorful painted teapot is the perfect table centerpiece for any flower-filled tea fête. The hand-blown porcelain is elegant and functional, yes, but what makes this pot such a special piece is the hand-pained blue and pink iris flowers on the exterior. BTW, it is the ideal size to serve you and all of your guests.


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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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