6 Gifts for a Gemini, the Zodiac’s Most Fast-Talking and Fast-Living Adventurer

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Gemini season (May 20 to June 20) is upon us, which means you may be in need of some gift ideas for your cool, worldly, witty friends who were born under the sign of the twins. Not sure what to get these fabulous folks? Not to worry. Alex Caiola, psychic, astrologer, founder of spiritual wellness platform High Priestess of Brooklyn, and Gemini sun herself, is here to speak to the best gifts for Gemini season.

"Gemini rules the hands, so a lot of these gifts are around that theme," Caiola says. "They’re often talking with their hands or just care about what their hands look like, so when in doubt, take them for a manicure." She adds that certain experiential gifts for a Gemini are a great idea; think in line of a comedy show or a live virtual taping of their favorite podcast.

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  • Alex Caiola, astrologer, tarot card reader, and founder of High Priestess of Brooklyn

Perhaps just as important as knowing which gifts a Gemini will love is knowing which they distinctly won't. To that end, Caiola suggests not taking them to a location without any cell reception; Gemini is second to Sagittarius in their love of travel, but plan absolutely no camping trips to remote locales for their birthday. (If a Gemini has a birthday and they aren't able to Instagram it, did it even happen?) And while a first edition of their favorite tome might work for Virgo, the other sign ruled by Mercury, be sure not to buy Gemini a book they already own. "Go check out what is most likely a massive bookshelf, and make sure you don't get that," says Caiola.

Now that you're clear on what types of gifts a Gemini will love and which avoid, check out the following great selections. These gifts will also likely suit those who have a Gemini Venus sign, since your Venus sign helps determine what you're attracted to.

Below find 6 expertly curated gifts for the fast-talking, faster-living Gemini in your life.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag 1L — $38.00

Remember, Gemini likes to have their hands free, so a crossbody or fanny pack might suit their fancy. Caiola loves this belt bag and so do we—it has a lot of vitality and just enough room for your essentials.

Year of Ours Psychadelic Bralette — $75.00

Didn’t you hear? A potently printed two piece set is a must-have for this summer. Gems will hit “add to cart” on all of them, no question—so beat them to it and get one as a gift.

Verameat Women Unite — $128.00

A statement ring is a Gemini staple, and since their sign is the twins, we adore this bold play on duality.

Olive & June the Summer Set — $64.00

Can’t book a mani for your Gem right now? If you’re looking for a DIY option, Olive & June has some loud-and-proud neon shades to make for seriously high-voltage cuticles. Different colors for their different personality traits is an A+ option.

Gemini Constellation Case — $35.00

Make sure your Gemini pal never needs to search for their AirPods when plugging into their favorite podcast with this cute gift: a cosmically influenced earbud case that solves the issue in one fell swoop!

Evil Eye Geode Phone Grip — $11.00

Along the lines of phone accessories, Gemini wants to make sure their device is within reach and… kind of decked out. If a case seems too basic, go with a clever embellishment, like a boss phone grip to ward away evil energy.

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