7 Celestially Sanctioned Gifts for a Scorpio, the Deep-Thinker of the Zodiac

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With Scorpio season upon us (October 21 through November 23), it's time to start brainstorming birthday gifts for the intense and intuitive people in your life who were born under this star sign. But, what should you get? First, be sure not to limit your gifts for a Scorpio to the sign's common stereotype of being overtly lusty and power-hungry. Scorpios also tend to draw others to them like a magnet and connect deeply (and, yes, darkly). The sign can also be incredibly loyal and attuned to what their loved ones need and desire.

So, when shopping for gifts for a Scorpio friend, Alex Caiola, astrologer, tarot reader, and co-host of the Priestesses Prescribe podcast, says to mirror their deeply observant quality and lend an ear to what they actually want. These folks tend to be really excellent listeners, and as a result, wonderful gift-givers. You can repay that thoughtfulness by listening for signs about what they want. "When in doubt, just go into their bathroom and look at what they have and what they already love," Caiola says.

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Or, check out a few suggestions below for gifts for a Scorpio.

7 gifts for a Scorpio that your deepest, most intense friends will love.

1. The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guide Book, $27

Tarot cards are a brilliant tool for peering into someone's life and path, or for getting insight on your gut feelings with a one-card pull. It's a perfect gift for a Scorpio, because it explores the mind with a divine twist. For total Scorpio vibes, Caiola recommends the Wild Unknown deck, with dark-line drawings mixed with rich splatters of color.

Shop Now: The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guide Book, $27

2. Goldmining the Shadows, $22

Scorpios appreciate anything that helps them on the path to self-discovery and transformation because nobody is better at evolving, Caiola says. Something rooted in psychology and the inner-workings of the mind would be a perfect present. "They do really appreciate figuring out people and things ," she says. "Maybe they're not going to share that information. But they're okay with you giving them that gift, and they do that work on their own."

Tarot reader and activist Serita Fontanesi recommends Pixie Lighthorse's Goldmining the Shadows for anyone interested in shadow work, which is the practice of confronting your dark side or negative traits head on.

Shop Now: Goldmining the Shadows, $22

3. Alo Foxy Sherpa Jacket, $188

If this athleisure piece feels like a weird flex for a Scorpio, bear with me. When it comes to style, this introverted zodiac sign loves a minimalist look they can bury themselves into.

The cozy sherpa jacket with regal shoulders and covert zipper pockets (Scorpio is into all things that are hidden). The more physical-focused Scorpios—maybe those who have an Aries rising sign?—will be super into it.

Shop Now: Alo Foxy Sherpa Jacket, $188

4. Bond Touch Bracelets, $98

Bond Touch Bracelets emit vibrations as a way to keep you connected to someone long distance. While the preferred conversation method for Scorpios are deep, long, heart-bearing calls, in our socially distant times, it's hard to stay connected to people. And since the loyal Scorpio feels bound to the ones they love, Bond Touch Bracelets can facilitate that, down to signaling a need to hop on the phone and have one of those long dialogues.

Shop Now: Bond Touch Bracelets, $98

5. LELO Flickering Touch Massage Candle, $35

This sensual candle gives off the scent of black pepper and pomegranate, which provides for a spicy Underworld vibe. Scorpio's planetary ruler is Pluto, which is also the Roman name for the Greek god Hades. And according to mythology, the pomegranate was kind of Hades' way of seducing his bride Persephone; he gave her six seeds, which bound her to the underworld six months out of the year.

Shop Now: LELO Flickering Massage Candle, $35

6. Chance Touch Screen G-Spot Wand, $96


This touch-screen sex toy has a rich color and regal design. It's also long and curved for for G-spot stimulation, and [clears throat] exploring depths.

For a different sexual-leaning gift for a Scorpio, consider a tantric workshop ($90). Tantra is all about exploring sex in a mind-body-soul way. For this sign, sex isn't about casual hookups, but rather is a channel for intimacy.

Shop Now: Chance Touch-Screen G-Spot Wand, $96

7. Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, $33

This pick, straight off Caiola's bookshelf, focuses on Pluto and evolutionary astrology, which is "so Scorpio," she says. The approach of evolutionary astrology allows someone to take their natal chart and embark on a transformational and highly personal journey. And since any Scorpio would sneer at a cutesy, Zodiac Sign 101 booklet, this is probably a wiser gift choice. It allows for sinking into a journey and being amazed by the person who might emerge on the other side—changed, but definitely still a Scorpio.

Shop Now: Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, $33

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