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This No-Equipment Workout From Gigi Hadid’s Trainer Is Perfect for Frequent Fliers

Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid
Sticking to your fitness goals while on the road is no simple task. Between the struggle of working up a sweat in pint-size gyms using equipment from the '80s (not all hotel gyms can look like this!) and having a jam-packed schedule, frequent fliers need a hack for getting the job done quickly and effectively. And Gigi Hadid's trainer has just the workout.

"A full-service gym or an instructor isn’t always needed to accomplish a workout regardless of location or space." —Rob Piela, Gigi Hadid's trainer

When the model is jet-setting around the globe, keeping up with her workout routine remains a top priority. Luckily her trainer, Rob Piela—owner of New York City's Gotham Gym—makes it possible: "It’s fairly easy to let a busy schedule derail your normal workout routine," Piela told Self. “We FaceTime when she’s on the road. The motivation and support, no matter where she may be, is critical."

While having a trainer to chat with 24/7 would be nice, Piela knows that isn't a reality for all workout warriors. But the good news? It doesn't take much to do your body good: "A full-service gym or an instructor isn’t always needed to accomplish a workout regardless of location or space," Piela added. You just need a plan: And Piela has an example of Hadid's no-equipment, hotel-room workout.

First comes the warm-up, which involves two sets of 25 jumping jacks, 25 high knees, 10 bodyweight squats, then 20 alternating forward lunges. For the main portion of the sweat sesh, do two sets of 10 push-ups, 10 tricep dips, 10 sit-ups, 30 seconds of a wall sit, 15 squat jumps, then 15 calf raises. Finish things off with 30 seconds each of mountain climbers, burpees, plank, and V-ups—but don't rest between those transitions.

And, while you can take this no-fuss workout anywhere, just make sure there's a shower nearby—you'll almost definitely break a sweat.

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