How to Make an Immune-System-Boosting Ginger Shot

Do you know the saying, a ginger shot a day keeps the doctor away? Okay, so that's not actually a saying, but according to Jessica Rosen, certified holistic health coach and founder of Raw Generation, it's true.

Taking a daily shot of ginger can alleviate nausea, improve your immune system, and soothe inflammation. (The effects are similar to those of apple cider vinegar.)

But if the idea of stomaching a daily ginger shot doesn't sound like your cup of wellness tea, Rosen suggests that you tailor to your tastes by topping it off with fresh orange juice. She says, "you'll be more likely to keep up with a daily habit if you actually enjoy the flavor." It's the same school of thought behind why you need to enjoy your exercise method of choice.

To save time, Rosen recommends making shots ahead in bulk (16-ounce Mason jars work great). Then, you can store them in your fridge for convenient access. And since they only last for a week in your fridge, you'll be more motivated to gulp one down on the daily.

See Jessica Rosen's ginger shot recipe below.

Healthy "Flu Shot" Ginger Shot

Yields 8 servings


1 Tbsp fresh ginger
16 oz. filtered water
2 oz. freshly squeezed lemon
3 oz. orange juice (optional)

1. Peel the fresh ginger and cut into a few small cubes, and boil in water for 10 to 15 minutes to make ginger tea.

2. Pour ginger tea into a Mason jar. The tea will keep in the refrigerator for up to one week.

3. Optional: Add fresh citrus juices, secure the lid on the Mason jar, and shake to combine.

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