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Girlfriend Collective’s Sweats Are Back, And They’re So Good, They’re Already Nearly Sold Out

Ali Finney

Photo: Girlfriend Collective
It's 32 degrees in New York City. There's snow on the ground. And I'm in shorts. The answer to the man at the corner store who comments, the person who glances questioningly on the street is this: "I don't participate in winter." And I don't. Whether it's 32 or 92, shorts are my move. Obviously, I should move to LA tomorrow, but a cheaper option is afoot: Girlfriend Collective launched these short sweatsuits in happy-go-lucky colors that make my transition from "deep fall" into "early pre-spring" an easy one.

Made from a mix of recycled cotton that comes from scraps on cutting room floors at clothing manufacturers and organic cotton, Girlfriend Collective is continuing to deliver sustainable goods to your closet. The brand, which is known for its compressive (yet somehow still comfortable) leggings, has been venturing out into new pieces of athleisure for a few years now. I'm a big fan of the sweat-wicking Gazelle shorts for runs because they have pockets and stay put on the go and other editors—those who do participate in winter—laud the puffers and sherpas.

Today, the brand is back with mix-and-match sweat sets that feel apropos for the times. The crop sweatshirt/lounge short combo is modern-day suiting, if you ask me, because it's highly functional. Do you look pulled together when venturing out into the world? Yes. Are you comfortable 24-7? Yes. Are you so comfortable that this suit will suffice as pajamas? Absolutely. Can you drop and give someone 20 at any second of the day? Definitely...but weird. Will you get questions on whether or not you're cold and catch side-eyes on the street? IDK, from my experience, probably. Own it. You are in a shorts suit. You are living.

The entire line includes sweatpants (if that's your thing), sweatshorts (which is definitely mine), and a cropped sweatshirts that you can mix and match to your heart's content. The line comes in five dusty hues: vapor (my favorite, and stunning green that somehow functions as a neutral), forest (a rich olive), lagoon (an off-teal that I'm going to pair with some kind of a berry lip), orchid  (a powdery lavender that feels like it's floating 10 feet off the ground), and taro (which I'll also probably buy because it matches this GF bra I have that doesn't ever show sweat...true story). Whichever you choose, spring is on the horizon, both in our wardrobes and to put "deep fall" to bed for another year.

Shop now: Girlfriend Collective Cropped Sweatshirt, $68

Shop now: Girlfriend Collective Cropped Sweatshirt, $68

Shop now: Girlfriend Collective Classic Sweat Short, $52

Shop now: Girlfriend Collective Classic Sweat Short, $52


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