Is the Gisele Diet the New Paleo?

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gisele-eatingThanks to Instagram, we get to take a peek into the fabulous life of Gisele Bündchen—specifically, how she stays so insanely fit (read: kung fu sessions, hikes with her family, and adorably practicing yoga with her kids).

But now, via an interview in the Boston Globe with her family's chef, we've got some serious intel into what she and her brood (hubby Tom Brady included) eats—and what they skip.

Gisele and the quarterback aren't vegan, but they don't eat dairy and their diets are about 80 percent plant-based (always organic!), chef Alan Campbell told the Globe. The other 20 percent is lean protein, like grass-fed organic steak, chicken, wild salmon, and the occasional duck dish (because, why not?). When possible, it all comes fresh from the farmers' market—otherwise, Whole Foods is the go-to.

Campbell uses coconut oil exclusively to cook, and if he adds salt to anything, it's always Himalayan pink salt over regular table salt.

When your body is as essential to your career as it is for these two, avoiding inflammation is huge (this may also help explain Gisele's stunningly clear complexion). Which is why you'll never find white flour, white sugar, or anything with MSG in the Brady-Bündchen household. Even their kids snack on healthy things, like homemade fruit roll-ups made of bananas, pineapple, and spirulina, raw granola, and chocolate chip cookies. (Um, recipes please?)

Nightshades are also off-limits because of their inflammatory effects—the occasional tomato will sneak into a dish every now and then, but it's rare.

Oh, and a few more for the no-no list: no coffee, and just no caffeine, period.

While not everyone has to nourish their bodies as attentively as this power duo (or has a personal chef who can DIY fruit roll-ups), the insight certainly provides a cheat sheet into cleaning up your eating habits in the new year. Could the Gisele Diet be the new Paleo? —Amy Marturana

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(Photo: Instagram/gisele)

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