Want a Nature Fix but Can’t Decide Where To Go? This Is the Glamping Destination for You, Based on Your Personality

Photo: AutoCamp & W+G Creative
Your daily hot girl walk provides loads of wellness benefits, but there's no denying that strolling along a lakeshore or hiking through the woods just hits differently than circling a city block. So if you're feeling like that walk just isn't cutting it, it might be time to take your relationship with the outdoors to the next level—via glamping, of course.

Glamping provides all the mental health benefits of camping and the physical benefits of breathing in non-stop fresh air, but without having to sleep on the ground or learn how to pitch a tent. “You have Airstreams, tents, and cabins that put you right in the middle of nature and allow you to get a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed, while waking up to the sound of birds and a calming, natural landscape outside your window," says Taylor Micaela Davis, vice president of brand marketing at AutoCamp.

Sound like something you'd be into? AutoCamp has luxe glamping sites in six locations across some of the most iconic landscapes in the country (plus three more in the works!), many of which are right outside national parks. “The entire AutoCamp experience revolves around setting people up to enjoy all of the various benefits of nature,” Davis says, and with a huge emphasis on community at each location, staying at AutoCamp means you can make new vacay friends to bring along on your outdoor activities like hiking, paddleboarding, or enjoying an al fresco farm-to-table dinner.

Because each destination is jaw-droppingly beautiful, you'll probably have trouble picking just one to visit—so let us help you decide which one to visit based on your personality. Keep scrolling to find out where you should go, and pack your sneakers for your new favorite hot girl walk location.

glamping in cape cod
Photo: AutoCamp

Cape Cod for the busy bee

Your workdays are so jam-packed that you don't have time to daydream, but if you did, you'd be picturing yourself on a beach far away from work emails and Zoom calls. Sound familiar? Then Cape Cod is the destination for you. Whether you’re sinking your teeth into a lobster roll, going for a bike ride on the Shining Sea Bikeway, or laying out on the beach (which is only a 10-minute walk from the AutoCamp site), you’ll be soaking up your time in the sun and reaping all the benefits time in nature can have on helping the body recover from the negative effects of stress. So take in the change of scenery and just relax—no schedule needed.

outside of AutoCamp Clubhouse in the Catskills
Photo: AutoCamp

The Catskills for the creative

Whether you have a knack for creating beautiful things yourself or you can just appreciate talent when you see it, there's no better place to feel inspired than the breathtaking Catskills mountains. “In true Woodstock fashion, we have a small outdoor venue where we host acoustic music sets, storytelling, and campfire talks,” Davis says. You can explore the funky towns nearby—which are a gold mine of thrift-store finds and live theater performances—and check out the AutoCamp on-property hike that’ll undoubtedly have you reaching for your paintbrush as soon as you return (or will at least provide a naturally awesome Instagram post).

Yosemite for the adventurer

A chill vacation doesn’t interest you—you’re looking for non-stop adventure and lots of opportunities to meet likeminded explorers. You belong at AutoCamp’s Yosemite location. You can spend your days hiking around Yosemite National Park, whitewater rafting, or trying out a guided climbing experience, and meet back at the clubhouse in the evenings for cornhole and happy hour by the fire.

pool in zion
Photo: AutoCamp

Zion for the planner

If you're the mom of your friend group (or are an actual mom), Zion is the awe-inspiring destination for you. Why? Because the red-rock scenery is so gorgeous and the options for activities are so vast, this glamping vacation basically plans itself—so you can spend time actually enjoying your time off instead of editing an itinerary. Pack up the minivan and explore Zion National Park, hike Angel’s Landing, or check out the stunning on-location pool. Added bonus? Being in nature promotes a sense of calm and boosts moods, which means a peaceful-yet-adventurous vacation for the whole fam.

Russian River for the foodie

If you never pick a restaurant without looking up the menu first, Russian River is the luxe glamping destination for you—because what's a vacation without great food (and wine)? Close to one of the best wine regions in the country, you can sip and relax at a wine tasting after days spent exploring charming farmer’s markets, floating aimlessly on the river, and enjoying deliciously fresh farm-to-table dining experiences. The cherry on top? You get to wake up among magnificent soaring redwoods that make the perfect backdrop for a delicious picnic.

glamping in joshua tree
Photo: AutoCamp

Joshua Tree for the dreamer

How can you not be romantic about looking up at a billion twinkling stars? That's exactly what you'll get every night in Joshua Tree. “Enjoying nature can be a great way to let your mind recover from mental fatigue that creeps in from all areas of life,” Davis says. With that in mind, you can let this scenic location restore your spirit through beautiful sunrises, vintage shopping, healing ceremonies, complimentary morning yoga, and star parties. You’ll surely have some sweet dreams as you drift off in your Airstream suite.

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