Glassdoor Is Now Breaking Down Company Ratings and Salary Data by Race and Gender

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How do we begin taking steps to ensure equality in the workplace? It starts with salary transparency and company data broken down by race and gender. Glassdoor, a go-to resource for nabbing insider information on potential places to work, has unveiled a new feature which expands the level of insight into companies.

Job seekers who utilize Glassdoor will now have access to how companies are handling diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. Glassdoor will share employee’s company ratings by categorizing them alongside race and/or ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, parental or caregiver status, disability, and veteran status to accurately depict individual experiences. Salary breakdowns will be listed by gender and racial/ethnic identification, so that, for example, job seekers can see whether or not a Black employee is making less than their white counterpart.

"We are just beginning to understand the complexity that makes up the employee experience. Glassdoor is delivering a deeper look inside the modern workplace by unlocking insights into how employees feel about diversity, equity, and inclusion and by displaying employees' differing sentiment and pay," Christian Sutherland-Wong, Glassdoor Chief Executive Officer, said in a statement. "Increased workplace transparency can show us where we are strong and where we are weak. It can help job seekers discover opportunities where they can thrive, and it can support employers in creating more equitable workplaces and communities."

Glassdoor is the latest to implement a deeper focus into DEI. In 2020, following the death of George Floyd and uprisings to fight systemic racism across the country, companies began instituting different efforts, including implicit bias training and revealing their employee numbers to initiatives like #PullUpForChange.

Systemic change will not happen overnight, but we applaud companies and initiatives that are helping to make the world a more equal place for us all.

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