Good News, Glasses Gals: a New Study Found a Correlation Between Specs and Intelligence

Photo: Stocksy/Veavea
Eyeglasses are frequently used in pop culture to indicate bookishness and a high level of intellect. (Remember when Elle Woods used chic specs to complete her #lewk while proving that getting into Harvard Law isn't hard or anything?) But IRL, you've probably (well, hopefully) realized that judging a person's brainpower based on the accessories they wear is not a precisely accurate means of measurement.… Or is it? According to a new study examining genetics and intelligence, particularly smart people are more likely than others to wear glasses.

The groundbreaking research published in the journal Nature Communications is presumed to be the largest genetic study to date on cognitive function, according to Newsweek: Hundreds of scientists and researchers analyzed data from more than 300,000 people aged 16 to 102 years old in North America, Europe, and Australia. The 148 indicators of cognitive function assessed included a number of verbal and mathematical tests the participants completed.

People who performed well overall on the tests were more likely to need or have eyeglasses than those who scored lower were.

The study ultimately found that people who performed well overall on the tests were more likely to need or have eyeglasses than those who scored lower; however, it's not clear that wearing glasses leads to intelligence or vice versa. In fact, it could be true that both features are caused by a different genetic trigger that has not yet been discovered.

Despite the unclear causality, you may still want to to snap up a pair of chic frames to channel smarty-pants vibes, because whether or not you actually need corrective lenses, the placebo effect is an IRL scientific thing that could having you faking it till you make it. If you're already four-eyed, then congratulations on your (likely) high IQ! And if you're not, well, I've rounded up some eyeglass options for you anyway that you can wear as a cerebral third piece.

Check out the 4 pairs of stylish frames below, smarty-pants.

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