These Super Cute Mask Holders Will Make Forgetting Your Mask at Home a Thing of the Past

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise across the country, it's still just as important as ever to wear your mask when you're in public. Even knowing that, I can't tell you how many times I've walked outside just to run back into the house to grab my mask. But, this granny-approved hack makes forgetting your mask impossible.

Glasses chains have already been making a steady comeback and many have started to repurpose the chains as a mask holder.


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When using a glasses chain as a mask holder, the goal isn't to make it easier to take off in public—it should stay on when you're out and about and you wouldn't want to contaminate the inside by walking around with it exposed. (And be sure to wash it after every trip outside). But when you're in your own space, a chain makes it much easier to keep your mask handy. Alison Freer wrote for The Strategist that getting a glasses chain for her mask was one of the best purchases she's made in months.

"I keep my mask chain around my neck all day long, even when I’m just at home," says Freer. "It’s saved me on more than one occasion when a delivery person rang the doorbell, needing a signature for a package—and it’s an elegant-looking accessory to add to your current stack of layered necklaces."

In order for a glasses chain to work for your mask, it must utilize clips, hooks, or some other type of hardware that opens so you can attach it to your mask. Chains with just a rubber loop won't cut it. If you don't have a chain on hand to repurpose, there are tons of brands you can shop instead. Browse some options below.

Chains as mask holders

1. Éliou Samos Sunglasses Leash, $180

Éliou Samos Sunglasses Leash, glasses chain as a mask holder

This luxe chain is made with freshwater pearl and gold-plated clips, and is 100 percent handcrafted.

2. Pretty Connected Lara Gold Chain Multi-use Mask Strap, $36

Pretty Connected Lara Gold Chain Multi-use Mask Strap

Available in gold and silver, this multi-use strap comes and can be used to hold anything from your mask to your water bottle.

3. ATLanyards Beaded Eyeglass Holder, $12

ATLanyards Beaded Eyeglass Holder, glasses chain as a mask holder

Go bold with this orange chain.

4. Sigonna Metal Glasses Chain Set, $22

Sigonna Metal Glasses Chain

This three-piece pack provides you with options. Choose between onyx, gold, and silver depending on your mood or share your purchase with friends.

5. DiscoChains SunChain, $36

DiscoChains SunChain, glasses chain as a mask holder

This adorable sunny yellow chain will add a pop of color and a touch of whimsy to your look. Keep in mind that the hook is quite small so if your mask has wide straps it may not fit.

6. Lele Sadoughi Jet Water Lily Sunglass Chain, $75

Lele Sadoughi Jet Water Lily Sunglass Chain

Made from 14k gold-plated fine cable link chain and jet acetate water lily cutouts, this chain could be jewelry on its own. Us the lobster clasps to hook it on your mask.

7. my my my Bowey Sunglass Chain, $34

my my my Bowey Sunglass Chain, glasses chain as a mask holder

Cute and colorful, this chain is perfect to pair with your mask—just note that the hook is small, so wider mask straps will have a harder time.

8. Donni Acetate Mask/Sunny Chain, $88

Donni Acetate Mask/Sunny Chain

Go for a chunkier look with this acetate chain by Donni. Use it with your sunnies by attaching the plastic loop.

9. ATLanyards Eyeglass Necklace with Silver Clips, $12

ATLanyards Eyeglass Necklace with Silver Clips, glasses chain as a mask holder

This chain will take you back to the days of friendship bracelet making.

10. Ron's Optical Eyeglass Chain Holder, $20

Ron's Optical Eyeglass Chain Holder

Keep it simple with this gold chain. Note the small clasps, though. (You know the drill—needs smaller mask straps.)


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