These Are the Best Glasses for Every Face Shape

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While glasses were once thought to be a nerdy necessity, these days a chic pair of spectacles is as much an in-demand accessory as a pair of statement earrings, patterned tights, or an ethi-cool handbag. So while you no longer need to hide your less-than-20/20-vision behind contact lenses, one problem that persists in the eyewear world is finding the best pair of glasses for your face shape.

First, there are so many different face shapes out there—round, square, heart, diamond, the list goes on—and sometimes it’s hard to know what shape your face qualifies as. (Here are some handy visuals to help you figure it out.) The good news? According to Kim Nemser, vice president of product strategy at Warby Parker, picking the right pair of glasses is less about face shape and more about trusting your instincts.

“First, it’s all about having fun and picking frames that make you feel comfortable and confident,” explains Nemser. “We recommend looking for a pair of frames that balances your face shape. If you’ve got a round face, look for an angular shape. Or, consider a pair of round-lensed frames to complement a strong jawline. But above all, pick what makes you look and feel great.”

While we’re all for a you-do-you method of picking out, well, anything, from your frames to how you wear your pubic hair, TBH. If you’d rather have more of a concrete guide based on face shape, no worries. We’ve got that, too! Here’s how eyeglass company Zenni Optical recommends picking out glasses for your face shape.

1. For the round-shaped face

Photo: Dior

Dior Sostellaireo1 Eyeglasses, $136

If you’ve got a circular face shape complete with round, rosy cheeks, opt for something that will give you a bit of an angle. Square frames are a great option. In general, people with round faces should avoid small, circular frames as they don’t offer any contrast.

2. For the heart-shaped face

Photo: Aura

Aura Round Matte Champagne Eyeglasses, $77

If you have angular cheekbones, a larger forehead and a chin that resembles the tip of a heart, oval-shaped frames are your friend, as are light-colored frames. It’s best to avoid glasses that are thicker at the top, as it can make your forehead look larger.

3. For the oval-shaped face

Photo: Warby Parker

Warby Parker Haley, $95

If you have a longer face characterized by high cheekbones and a jawline that’s just a bit narrower than your forehead, your oval face will work well with most styles of glasses. So go to town when picking out frames! Just make sure to steer clear of any huge frames that might overwhelm your face.

4. For the diamond-shaped face

Photo: Celine

Celine Round Metal Optical Frames, $420

If you’ve got an angular jawline and wide cheekbones, rimless glasses are suited to your diamond-shaped face. It’s best to avoid narrow, thin frames if you have a diamond-shaped face.

5. For the square-shaped face

Photo: Lenscrafters

Vogue Eyeglasses, $136

If your face is square-shaped, add some softness to it with round frames in bold, dark colors. In general, it’s best to avoid square-shaped frames.

Remember, at the end of the day, the most important thing when it comes to picking out glasses (other than being able to see, of course!) is that you like how your glasses look. So if you've got a square face and you’re drawn to a pair of bold, square-shaped glasses, you’ll still look fab—so go for it.

Glasses are one way to express your personality. But they're not the biggest indicator of your personality. That's whether or not you make your bed. Seriously.

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