6 Chic Pairs of Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses to Make Your Tech Habits Healthier

Photo: Instagram/@felixgrays

From your nine-to-five to your matcha-filled Instagram feed and the occasional Netflix-binge session, you're likely spending most of your day looking at one screen or another. And since nothing in life comes for free, all of the conveniences and life-improving benefits that technology offers you also come with some (pretty major) downsides.

As in: There's evidence that the blue light your eyes take in when you're looking at a screen can sabotage your sleep and mental health, cause eye strain, and possibly wreck your skin.

So what to do? You can schedule digital detoxes and keep up a healthy skin-care regimen—and if you really want to get serious about banning blue light from your life? Get glasses that block it.

Blue-light-blocking glasses are said to keep your pre-sleep Instagram scrolls from messing with your life and your health. Plus, you can wear them with or without a prescription—and there are now some super-chic options.

Check out the specs below to add some stylish protection into your highly digital life.

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