This Café Is Serving the Glittery Cappuccinos of Your Unicorn-Food Dreams

Photo: Instagram/@coffeebydibella

Before the healthy unicorn-food trend hit the wellness (and Instagram) scene, the idea of eating rainbow-colored foods might've brought sugar-packed kids' cereals to mind. But the algae- and spirulina-fueled food frenzy is now everywhere (think: lattes, toast, and nice cream), stopping just short of eating straight-up glitter—though an Australian coffee chain is working hard to change that.

Coffee By Di Bella, an Australian coffee-shop chain found across Mumbai is making two different shimmery concoctions dubbed the diamond and gold cappuccinos. It's basically your regular caffeine fix infused with some edible and holographic glitter.

But, a warning: While they are undoubtedly a beautiful cousin of superfood-infused unicorn foods, this rendition comes with a (sugary) price. According to the FDA, most edible glitters are made from a combination of food dyes, sugar, and gum arabic.

So, though the sight of 'em might be mood-boosting, they're not the healthiest choice otherwise. But, hey, if you decide to DIY your own sparkly concoction, you can opt for a rainbow glass to enjoy a full-fledged magic drink.

Scroll below to see more of the glittery drinks.

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