This Instagram Account Proves Your S.O. Who Waits While You Shop at Glossier Is the *Real* Beauty MVP

Photo: Getty Images/Westend61
If I could magically handpick the qualities of my future soul mate, he'd have Noah Centineo's smile (or, you know, just be Noah Centineo), accompany me to acroyoga, and—of course—dutifully wait outside as I spend far too much money at Glossier's flagship store here in New York City.

While first two criteria are but pipe dreams (*sigh*), I now have photo proof that there are S.O.s out there who go that extra mile to camp out in front of every beauty lover's favorite millennial-pink-filled beauty haunt. It's all archived on Glossier Boyfriends: The IG account that pays tribute to the dedicated partners who selflessly wait around while their beloved stocks up on Boy Brow.

Despite the Instagram handle, you won't only find only boyfriends on @glossierboyfriends' grid. "I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this and wanted to clear something up," the account's owner writes in a recent cation. "A glossier 'boyfriend' is simply a significant other who would rather be elsewhere. Girlfriends, partners, dads, husbands etc. can all be a #glossibae."

Some of said partners-in-(makeup)-crime pictured twiddle their thumbs and wait for the shopping extravaganza to come to close. Because love is patient and kind, you guys. Then there are the real MVPs who venture inside, hold their S.O's coffee (shoutout to you, man in blue cap), and even get their makeup done (props to you, green-masked dudes).

If you're one half of a "we couple," you can DM your own submissions to @glossierboyfriends at any time. (Please do! For the sake of everyone's feeds!) And if you're reading this, anonymous account owner, thank you for doing the good work.

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