Glow Recipe Has the Most Socially Acceptable Way to Slather Avocado All Over Your Face

Graphic: Well+Good Creative
Drop everything: You can now harness the glow-inducing benefits of avocados while you sleep (without getting green schmear all over your pillows). K-beauty brand Glow Recipe just launched the Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask ($45), which literally lets you soak in all of those essential fatty acids minus the mess.

But it's more than that—all of the parts of the superfood are utilized in the beauty product's formula, from the avocado butter to the flesh, extracts, and the oil. So you're getting a healthy smattering of skin benefits: soothing inflammation, infusing antioxidants, and gentle exfoliation with polyhydroxy acid.

As the creators of the cult-favorite, quickly sold-out Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, combined with the fact that they're using the health world's fave superfood, people are bound to go avo-crazy for this new product. While the watermelon mask was more about max hydration, the avocado iteration provides some extra TLC since avocados are so thick and creamy. It also has Manuka honey, too, a natural antibacterial that nourishes the skin, so you're really getting a deep, moisturizing treatment.

And it delivers. I excitedly slathered the pastel green mask all over my face before bed last night and soaked in the fruity smell. While you can use it as a sleeping mask or a regular 10-minute treatment, I decided to go full monty. In the morning, as I washed the mask off, I noticed a brighter complexion that felt really plump and dewy—very different than it did the previous day, when it was parched with slight redness. If I ate avocados at every meal, I feel like it'd make my skin look like this. Here's to the next best thing.

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