7 Workouts That Strengthen Your Glutes in Under 20 Minutes (Because Who Wants To Spend Forever in the Gym?)

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If you’re here, it’s because it’s time to integrate a "Baby Got Back" moment into your fitness routine. Luckily, we’ve got a lineup of video workouts for you where the star of the show is your behind.

Your booty is endlessly important to your overall fitness, and having a strong butt has multiple benefits. It enables you to do everything from run like a gazelle to simply get out of a chair. Strong glutes also help keep your pelvis in line with your spine, which is important for maintaining good posture.

But it can be daunting to approach a squat rack, or figure out how to properly activate those glute muscles (all too often, many of us rely on momentum or our other leg muscles). And who wants to figure all that out on your own?

We've got you covered with quick glute workouts for everyone. In a short amount of time, trainers who have put together workouts for Well+Good will have your buns on fire—no trek to the gym required. These seven videos use only body weight and resistance bands, so there’s minimal equipment involved. You know what they say, resistance makes the butt grow stronger.

So whether you’ve got 10, 15, or 20 minutes to burn, here are butt-focused workout videos that will have Sir Mix-a-Lot saying Baby Got Back in no time.

A 10-minute resistance band workout with Simone De La Rue

The Body By Simone celebrity trainer will start you off with some exercises that articulate your spine, engage your core, and activate your butt and hamstrings right off the bat. You’ll stay on the floor for the whole time as you move through various hip and leg raises on your back and on your hands and knees. This bite-size routine might be short but it sure is mighty.

A 20-minute no equipment workout with Colette Dong

Meet Colette Dong, the founder of the digital workout platform The Ness. Boy, has she got a "booty burner" workout for you. The base of this session is a tabletop position (on hands and knees), from which you'll lift, twist, and bend your legs to light up that behind and your whole lower body.

A 13-minute glute workout for runners with Traci Copeland

In strength training for running, the leg muscles get a lot of attention. But trainer Traci Copeland says the glutes are just as important. "We focus on our quads and hamstrings pretty often, but our glutes are going to help stabilize our pelvis, and prevent injury," says Copeland. If you're working on your mile time, or just want to hit the pavement or trail with more confidence, this workout is for you.

A 15-minute mini-band or body weight workout with Alex Lyons

Alex Lyons, founder of The Workup Sculpt Method, specifies that you can do this workout with or without a resistance band. Either way, you’ll start with a standing squat and side lunge circuit that transitions into a tabletop routine that challenges both your balance and your butt.

A 13-minute yoga routine for the glutes with Andrea Russell

If squats and resistance bands aren't your thing, this yoga series from Andrea Russell will help you tap into that Ujjayi breath while also strengthening your behind. You'll go through familiar yoga moves like half moon and triangle as Russell gives them a little extra juice to really target the backside.

A 20-minute standing glute workout with Brian Spencer

This East River Pilates trainer doesn’t just want to work your butt, he wants to “light up” your whole posterior chain. That means working out all your different glute and hamstring muscles, which he says will “keep your low back and hips healthy in your daily life.” Start with some delicious spine rollouts before moving into squats, chair poses, and lunges galore.

A 13-minute quad and glute series with Liv McIlkenny

Trainer Liv McIlkenny packs in moves like squats and thrusts in just 13 minutes of big booty energy. She also includes plenty of exercises to strengthen your hamstrings and quads, giving your lower body a burst of activity in less time than it takes to fold your laundry.

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