This 20-minute Glutes Workout Will Have You Standing Tall and Feeling the Burn

Doing a glutes workout can be intimidating, especially if you think you'll be doing a million squats. The thing is, your glutes and lower body benefit from numerous kinds of dynamic movement. When it comes to strengthening the glutes and lower body, focusing on mobility, stretching, and strengthening is important, too. If this sounds like what you're looking for, you're in luck: This most recent episode of Good Moves with Pilates instructor Brian Spencer serves up an enjoyable, challenging glutes workout that will have you feeling limber when you're done.

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Spencer starts with some hamstring stretches like touching your toes and a downward dog variation. He reminds viewers that it's important to get a deep stretch, and there's no shame in having limited flexibility or tightish muscle. Don't force movements that hurt, but a good stretch is important for the success of your incoming workout. Spencer also has you do some warm-up moves with your ankles and calves because these areas are really important for leg mobility. The body is connected, so even though your ankles might not seem related to your glutes—they are.

Once you've gotten some good stretches in and are feeling more limber, Spencer has you move into squats. "If you are ever doing a squat and feel like you're not really feeling your glutes, don't be afraid to give them a little squeeze," Spencer says.

The bonus to this workout is Spencer's energy. Glutes workouts can be challenging. Spencer's fun attitude and creative language almost make you forget that you're doing something that can raise your heart rate and make you sweat. If you're ready for a solid standing glutes workout and a lot of good energy, all you need are comfortable clothes and a mat if you want one.

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