Inbox Zero Is Just a Right-Click Away With the Latest Gmail Update

Photo: Getty Images/westend61
Ah, the illusive achievement of reaching Inbox Zero. It's a fantasy dreamed up in a fairytale office far, far away. But a completely empty inbox (or at least almost empty instead of overstuffed with spam mail about deals or messages from someone "just following up" for the fifth time) isn't altogether imaginary. And maybe—just maybe—the latest Gmail update will finally help you get there.

Rolled out yesterday to Gsuite users—and for everyone else on February 22—the new update to the Web version of Gmail has some pretty handy shortcuts. With a simple right click, Gmail users will have the option to reply, forward, archive, delete, or move to a labeled folder. But that's not the only shortcut the new upgrade comes with.

Another option at the ready with a simple right click is searching for any additional emails sent previously by the sender. That way, if it is one of those "just following up emails," you can quickly right click to see what they're following up on, without digging through your inbox, or taking a timeout to type in their name to conjure up a full history of your exchanges.

Or, if you don't want to read the email right now—but don't want it junking up your inbox either—you can snooze it, sending it the heck out of your inbox until you're ready (you decide on the timeframe). That way, you can finish whatever you're in the middle of without being distracted by that pesky need-to-respond-to email.

With each Gmail update, Google makes virtual tidying up a little easier. Now if only they would just respond for you. (Oh, wait...)

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