Too Lazy to Bullet Journal? Try Tracking Your 2019 Goals With a One-Page Calendar

Photo: GettyImages/Jamie Grill
Choosing a goal to strive toward (new year or not) is the easy part of the self-improvement equation. From there it only gets more difficult—days bleed into weeks while you struggle to remember whether or not you actually drank 8 cups of water each day last month. The solution for keeping track of whatever goal you've set for yourself couldn't be simpler: a one-page calendar, totally stripped down and oh-so-satisfying to fill out.

Print a one-page calendar by Hardi Design.

Each day, when you complete whatever it is you're trying to turn into a daily habit, put an X over the number (Jerry Seinfeld recommends using a red marker). As time goes by, row after row of Xs should provide a little motivation to keep going.

More than one goal this year? Just print more than one calendar and write a title at the top of each! You can stick to the barebones approach or you can add a little flourish. (For instance, if 2019 is all about getting in a run each day, write your mileage over the date.)

Even if your goal isn't the type that requires a daily visual representation, glancing at a year in full makes it easy to judge your accomplishments. Are you sticking to your bedtime regularly enough? Are you on track to meet your pre-marathon training goals? Are you writing as much as you promised yourself you would?

Simple and effective, it's almost like the lazy girl's version of bullet journaling.

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