16 Going-Out Tops That’ll Make Dressing up a Breeze This Summer

Photo: Stocksy/Marija Savic
Finding ways to stay cool at home becomes especially alluring come summer when getting dressed can feel like a minefield of under boob sweat and thigh chub rub. Still, making the most of the 99 days between Memorial Weekend and Labor Day, more often than not, means going out. So what's the best solution from a sartorial standpoint?

Like other fashion conundrums currently presenting themselves, the answer lies in the resurrection of a relic from the '90s—the going out top, AKA a blouse or shirt that is (excuse the pun), over the top.

A GOT is the maximalist yin to your favorite white tee's yang.

A GOT is the maximalist yin to your favorite white tee's yang, and by opting to wear one, you've essentially sorted out your outfit with minimal effort. The ruffles, sparkle, wild prints, and/or bold shapes are the attention grabbers of your look allowing the rest of what you're wearing to be as chill as you are after a glass of frosé. Pair yours with your favorite black leggings, a high waisted skirt or jeans, maybe even a pair of bike shorts. Once you've picked your top, all that's left is making sure you have the stunt bra you need to MacGyver the cut.

To complete your outfit, nab a pair of trendy summer sandals or platform sneakers that can literally elevate your look.

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