3 best health cleanses for spring

Cluttered apartment not the only thing that could use spring cleaning? We looked into a handful of health cleanses around New York City. Here are our top picks.
spring health cleanse
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This is the time of year New Yorkers want to do some spring cleaning—and not just of their apartments. To that end, we looked into several healthy cleanses—that require varying levels of commitment—and promise to help you embrace the coming season with a little more pep in your step.

We chose three of the best, factoring in our past experience with these companies, as well as their wellness credentials and the methods they recommend for your cleanup.

Hopefully one of these spring cleanses will help you sweep out the winter dust bunnies that have accumulated in your body and mind—or even under the bed.

THE GREAT SPRING CLEANSE (Social Workout, BluePrintCleanse, and Exhale)
Level of commitment: Low
Price: Free to participate (optional purchase of 3-day BluePrint Cleanse of about $195 and spa treatment, $100, before program discounts)
Credibility: When you pair Social Workout’s challenge savvy with top wellness brands BluePrint Cleanse and Exhale Spa you get a cleanse-your-bod trifecta.
The Scoop: It’s a month-long revamping of your lifestyle—with social media peer support—and a three-day juice cleanse. You sign-up on Social Workout, then track your progress as you meet the challenge goals, which include the juice cleanse, four workouts per week, one detoxing spa treatment, and a promise to cut back on booze and eat at least two servings of fruits and veggies daily (easy!). It comes with BluePrint Cleanse and Exhale discounts.
The Takeaway: This challenge should help keep you honest, and set you up to stay balanced all season long. You supply the motivation. Challenge cheerleaders provided.

Level of commitment: Medium
Price: $50 ($5 off for Well+Good readers)
Credibility: Andrea Moss and Hadley Seward, health counselors and founders of Spark! Wellness, are grads of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University. We also tried their grocery tours and found them to be smart and inspiring.
The Scoop: While you won’t be forced into deprivation on this five-day regime, you’ll likely be cutting back on calories—and crap. This DIY meal-based cleanse is based on eating—and preparing—real, whole foods. The Spark! counselors send you detailed instructions for the week, including menus, grocery lists, and recipes. Expect menu options like a smoothie for breakfast and quinoa with steamed veggies for lunch. You’ll have access to support from both the counselors and the online group forum.
The Takeaway: Fantastic for determined members of the “Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it club.” Maybe not enough structure for those good at making excuses—or dinner reservations.

SPRING CLEANSE WITH AYURVEDA (Kripalu’s Hilary Garivaltis)
Level of commitment: High
Price: $355 plus lodging and meals, depending on accommodations, and travel costs
Credibility: Kripalu is an East Coast wellness mecca, and Hilary Garivaltis is its Dean of the School of Ayurveda
The Scoop: Based on the Ayurvedic concept that body shifts naturally with the seasons, this is a fairly deep, yet gentle, mind-body irrigation (not as deep as Panchakarma) starting on April 24. The 5-day Berkshires retreat includes a cleansing diet (think rice, dahl, and steamed veggies), detoxifying massage and steam treatments, cooking classes, yoga, and meditation. “Participants will have a chance to examine excesses that they want to clear from their life in general,” says Cathy Husid-Shamir, Kripalu’s media spokesperson, “by taking a look at lifestyle, routines, and logistics that are not serving them.”
The Takeaway: The fastidiously cleansing Ayurvedic method can really clean you up and out, but it’s up to you to take the lessons and lifestyle home with you. —Lisa Elaine Held

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