3 things to pack to stay healthy at this season’s music festivals


With great bands, infectious energy, and dancing, a music festival can be a huge happiness-booster. But with greasy food, gallons of beer, and scorching sunlight, it can also trip up your healthy habits.

Cassandra Troy Walker, the co-founder of super cool Los Angeles-based cold-pressed juice brand Clover Juice (which just launched national shipping), understands.

“Juice is literally my life, and I always have it at my finger tips,” says Walker, who’s attended Coachella—which kicks off this weekend—three times so far. “It’s the trickiest thing, going to a festival and not having really healthy options around you. You have to be really prepared in case you can’t find something that’s suitable.”

While Walker says that music festivals have gotten healthier options over the last few years (in fact, Clover Juice, Evolution Fresh, Moon Juice, and Juice Served Here have all had pop-ups at Coachella), you might have to trek really far across the festival to get something specific. And like at airports, security guards will often confiscate liquids, water bottles, and outside food before you get in.

To help you stay healthy and hydrated (to keep on dancing), we asked Walker to share what she’s packing in her wellness-boosting festival tote this year.

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1. A natural sunscreen stick. Unless you’re in the VIP section, shaded areas can be few and far between. “It’s so bloody hot, you have to keep reapplying.” Walker says. “I’m obsessed with this sunscreen stick from Babyganics. It’s very clean and pure, and you can just shove it in your purse or fanny pack.” Yes, a fanny pack, which is the festival handbag of choice.

2. Electrolyte powder and chia seeds. Since you’re inevitably going to get dehydrated, Walker advises drinking as much coconut water as possible beforehand. “I also take in a zip-lock bag with chia seeds and Ultima orange-flavored electrolyte powder, then I buy a water bottle and shake it up,” she says. “It will keep your electrolytes up and help you stay hydrated without drinking five bottles of water and running for the bathroom every second.” Because nobody wants to be that girl.

3. Energy bars. “When you’re going into the festival, they take away water or juice bottles, but you can bring in a packaged bar,” Walker explains. “I keep one in my purse and have a couple of bites every now and then. Especially because you might have to trek farther for the healthy food options.” She personally likes The Yes Bar because they don’t melt in the desert heat.

Walker’s final tip for a Coachella experience that doesn’t leave you drained? Uber. “It’s a little more expensive, but you don’t want to have to deal with parking and then walking for miles.” And risk wilting our flower crowns? No, definitely not. —Jamie McKillop

For more information, visit www.cloverjuice.com

(Bottom photo: Cassandra Troy Walker by Kimberly Genevieve)

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